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  • I hope im wrong and he turns out ok.
    But i really would have liked to see someone else.

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    • Lanky bollox is going to do well. I can see those westward passes from lennon being headed in by Crouchy.

      And theres us thinking Lennon couldnt pass eh!. Its just he's always been crossing those balls for someone who is 3 miles tall. And now he's got him.

      All together now sing to the tune of "lets go fucking mental"- Lets all do the robot, lets all do the robot la la la la *pause* la la la la

    • John - How quickly we forget. At th etime Arry had to decide about going for the European thing or not we were in relegation trouble, had a team with absolutely no confidence and a injury list as long as Wengers face. I said then and I still say, he made the right decision. I for one would not swap European games for the PL.

      JP _ no one is over the moon with the signing but at least Crouch does hold the ball up well which is something we have been missing. O'Hara, Hudd, Modric and even Lennon are all capable of putting crosses in.

      Alan - £20 says Bent does not get you 20 goals this season.

      Wolfie - Cheer up mate. It's not the end of the World. £9 Mill for Crouch and £14 for Bent. Not that big a difference in quality or probably goals but as I said above at least Crouch will hold the ball up.

      Now all we need to do is get Jenas off to Villa and bring in two more players. A CB and that elusive LM or Winger.

    • I know Mrs Wolfie can deliver a vicious right-hander!

    • ...what's also amusing....
      Although I think Crouch is better with his feet than with his head - I hope 'arry hasn't bought him for his heading ability, as we don't appear to have anyone with the ability to cross a ball... and with Bale linked with Jol, Bentley only appearing in pre-season against Exeter (and then injured after 15 minutes - has he gone to China?) and being linked to leaving anyway - that leaves.....who?...Lennon?

      Lennon I like - but he isn't noted for the way he whips in pin point crosses is he?

      Maybe 'arry as a plan and the Gunter/Naughton, Bent/Crouch typw swaps are being done because he already has player X (and hopefully Y and Z) also lined up...

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      • I wish I could be as optomistic as you John. I really hope you are right but I have serious doubts. I am sure Arry has a liust but "lined up" is pushing it. Just look at the number of times a club has got to th estage whre ethey are having the shirts printed only to find the player has opted for the money/glory instead.

        If Arry does not get his CB or left MF/Winger then it will be because the ones he wanted were either snatched away by someone else or they didn't want to come to WHL or they were too expensive.

        There are plenty of people on here who make it known they want to see the end of the days when we paid too much for medicrocrity and/or pay way over the odds only to find the player can't cope with the PL.

        I am still behind Arry's judgement.

    • Deal done. Looks like DB is on his way out.....its a shame cause he gave us goals and thats what counts. I hope Crouch can get that same number. Where does this leave Robbie Keane?

      Chimbonda was a strange buy back.

      Where is our central defender.....Hope its not back to the days of scoring 4 letting in 5.

      Anyways welcome Crouchy

    • having seen a few pre-season games; the question is -

      Who will score goals for us next season ?

      The answer is NOT Peter Crouch.

      Looks like Harry is resorting to type. I have never been a fan of HH and he is not doing anything to convince me otherwise.

      IMHO its going to be a long hard season.....