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  • jp_gumby jp_gumby Jul 29, 2009 02:22 Flag

    Darren Bent

    Good luck to you DB wherever you end up; as far as I am concerned you did nothing wrong at Spurs.

    If the reports of what happened on the plane going to China are true then Harry you are a disgrace.

    I am seriously considering suspending my support of THFC as long as HR is manager.

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    • On balance (and I'm aware I often wasn't balanced where this DB was concerned), I think he got a rough ride from fans, managers and the board. Ultimately he wasn't right for Spurs - it's not that he's shit, he's an old school "get it & hoof it" style of striker, and that has never been the type we needed. We were the highest achieving team that were interested in him, so obviously we'd be the one he'd go for, especially as he'd obviously be thinking "if they're willing to pay this much for me they must really want me and I'll get loads of opportunities", but he wasn't right for us, we could all see it and weren't happy about it, so we gave him a rough ride.

      Just a situation that was never gonna work, I feel for him in many ways but I'm not disappointed he's gone. Perhaps if he'd not gotten injured last season just as we (well, me at least) were starting to come round to him I'd think differently, but you can't change the past and que cera cera.

      All the best Dazzle, just don't do too well against us...

    • you no essex iv got this feeling that bent is going to come back and bite us on the ars!! say what you like but he did get goals. he is gone now and thats the end of it . my problem is all last season we was crying out for a L sided player . WHERE THE HELL IS HE ????? or is it just me

    • Ive discussed Bent elswhere so I dont want to regurgitate it all here but Im not bothered he's gone.....Im rather glad.
      I wasnt overly chuffed about him coming here for that ludicrous fee in the first place but I wasnt too quick to condemn...I gave him a chance (I think). However my real reason isnt based on logic or stats or anything factual......its just a bad vibe I got from him... a personal feeling that he never quite did it for me or Spurs. When I see a player run out in our shirt I generally like to think..'go on son, todays YOUR day..you are going to show us all that talent weve heard so much about'....I never got that feeling with Bent....I just could not envisage him scoring that wonder goal, or that 'vital' goal or that goal that made the defender look like a pr*tt! Bent may plod along and statistically do the business but...well, he never seemed to do anything with any real style, panache, skill, power, arrogance...even confidence in my book. Now if he'd scored lots for fun Id probably forgive him all that other stuff....but he didnt do that either did he? Nah an average Joe who was top scorer in an average side last season. Id like to see us improve on the average...I couldnt see Bent keeping up with it frankly.

    • A disgrace, yes Roger The Stat Man - so how does Bent's stats stand up against other strikers (starting with those on our team over the same period)...we can all bend stats to our liking, which is why I'm asking to go a step further...

      Anyway, I'm not sticking up for him anymore, he plays for another team now! HAH!

    • You wanna be my accountant, Dorset.
      Counting on both hands---H

    • Thank good,enough said,now go and buy 2 centre backs with the money,Distan for 3 mill and Dunne for 8, sell chimbonda an bentley for 17 mill and quids in big enough squad for the season ahead !!!!!

    • Deal done......sad to see him go...as he was not his fault for his huge price tag. No more strikers please we need to get cover in defense and a left sided midfielder. Still some dead wood that could be sent packing.

    • I'd rather have lanky bollox than Bent. Bent couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo. At least we've got someone who'll head the fuckin thing.

      He wont be missed. Hardly the stuff of legends was he. If i sound harsh then surely reading how much he gets/got paid will sooth his/your pain

      • 3 Replies to Roger Mellie
      • That cows arse must be sore, and the banjo (bent) Roger---he hit it 17 times.

      • Rog,
        Anelka Chelsea 19
        Ronaldo Man Utd 18
        Gerrard Liverpool 16
        Robinho Man City 14
        Torres Liverpool 14
        Agbonlahor Aston Villa 12
        Bent Tottenham 12
        Davies Bolton 12
        Kuyt Liverpool 12
        Lampard Chelsea 12
        Rooney Man Utd 12
        Carew Aston Villa 11
        Crouch Portsmouth 11
        Fuller Stoke 11
        Van Persie Arsenal 11

        That's a list of the top scorers for last season.

        Bent scores. You may not like his style of play (I don't like Daffy's) - but he'll score. I'm not a great fan either, but the man did what he could and scored the goals.

        Where's Keane on the list, Defoe, Pav ,Crouch, Berbatov...etc? If it hadn't have been for DB's goals, we wouldn't have got where we did in the league (fair - you could also argue that if he also scored the ones he missed we could have finished higher - but that is subjective rather than objective/factual).

        If he does leave, good luck to him whereever he ends up - if he stays, I hope he forges a good partnership with whoever and continues to score goals for us.

      • You can't blame Arry for that jp. You have no idea what happened. What if old flat nose Bruce called at the last minute and told Arry that if he took Bent to China the deal was off? What if Bent suddenly decided he wanted the move to Sunderland and demanded he be allowed off?

        What is with the Arry baiting already? The majority of supporters wanted Bent out for most of last season, Arry comes in and saves us from what looked like relegation and even better got us to a reasonable place in the Pl - why suddenly, and just before the new season starts, are you threatening to withdraw your support from Spurs!!! Doesn't make the slightest bit of sense to me.

    • hi ip....what is supposed to have happened on the plane?

    • Don't worry about Darren, we'll look after him.
      H---Steve Bruce P A.