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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 8, 2009 07:56 Flag

    Darren Bent

    On balance (and I'm aware I often wasn't balanced where this DB was concerned), I think he got a rough ride from fans, managers and the board. Ultimately he wasn't right for Spurs - it's not that he's shit, he's an old school "get it & hoof it" style of striker, and that has never been the type we needed. We were the highest achieving team that were interested in him, so obviously we'd be the one he'd go for, especially as he'd obviously be thinking "if they're willing to pay this much for me they must really want me and I'll get loads of opportunities", but he wasn't right for us, we could all see it and weren't happy about it, so we gave him a rough ride.

    Just a situation that was never gonna work, I feel for him in many ways but I'm not disappointed he's gone. Perhaps if he'd not gotten injured last season just as we (well, me at least) were starting to come round to him I'd think differently, but you can't change the past and que cera cera.

    All the best Dazzle, just don't do too well against us...