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    Hell its deader than a ( at this juncture i would historically have inserted a Spurs joke but i,m bjorn again or summin like that) mid table last game of the season clash in here!

    Tutt, nevermind YIDDOS Big signings are just around the corner for you lot AND the better half of north London yet! ( well, we can hope )

    Seeing as you lot are left all on your lonesome except for the odd hammers fan a dodgy northerner and the usual Arsenal legend popping in now and then ( thats me, no need for sarcasm you lot ) i thought i,d ask a question or two......

    Who is going to be top scorer this season? Football wise i mean, OBVIOUSLY its me with regards to the females!

    What WILL the top four Clubs be?

    And.... AND...... how many will Arsenal whallop you buy??? LOL .....nah, forget that, i know you get all humpy, forgive me, i am an Arsenal fan so what do you expect?


    From the london clubs only, in our own mini placings league, who will finish above who in the Prem?

    Oh.....and which manager gets sacked in the prem first?


    I doubt you,ll answer, but feck i was bored.

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    • Arshavin is the dogs bollox! ( i was joking about the swap)

      Palacios does look a great buy though ( i wasnt joking on that )and he played excellent last time we met as i recall, swap him for Senderos if you like?

      I dont know what went wrong with you lot supposedly trying to sign Arshavin but you,ll be salivating at his silky skills this season i reckon, will be interesting to see how Wenger plays him and the rest of the attack but he looks set to "bang in" a few more!

    • I thought you lot were more than happy with Ar5hav1n fab?
      He certainly hasnt stopped banging them in since he arrived down your way.....whats the view on him?

    • No doubt.

      I have been well impressed with Palacios since he joined you lot, would of been just what the doctor ( and just about everyone else ) would have ordered for us lot!

      Swap you for Arshavin?

    • As i am bored to. and you,ve not took the p## for once il answer that one. i think the top british scorer is going to be bent i think he is going to bite us on the arse. and i also think if we can get a decent l sided player and a cb i think we will fin above ur lot.

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      • I must admit when it was reported on the radio today about the Bent transfer i thought to myself he could do bloody well, fantasy football possibility! I reckon Van P. with good service this season and injury free will push Anelka for top place myself.

        Arsenal need another C.B too and a hard nut in midfield still seems needed.

        I dont know what is going on with Vieria now. Think he would be a welcome addition to our squad and would do well in yours if Harry got him (though i dont like that thought).

        As for finishing above us?????

        We,ll see. If all else fails, we know a GREAT chef!