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    Spurs win final pre-season friendly game!

    Its good to see we have finished off our pre-season with a win..http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/09082009/58/premier-league-spurs-end-pre-season-high.html

    but I hope that we will not revert to our usual collapse once the season starts in earnest!


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    • 6 days to go before the start of the new season and I for one am looking forward to it more than ever. For another season we will be seeing a ton of new faces for Spurs.

      We did well in pre-season but definitely nothing to get any hopes up about. I do believe we will do much better than last seasons first 12 games but how well we will only see.

      If we have bassong and king playing together for the next few weeks I think it will prove a very good partnership. My only concern would be having woodgate and king not available and then having bassong and dawson playing together. Scary as both are still learning there trade.

      I wonder if HR will play bentley more now that we have crouch?

      If we can keep palacios on the pitch and fit he will be excellent.
      Modric will be instrumental this season.

      Definately a lot of competition for places in all areas of the park, esp defense.

      Hopefully Gomes can play as good as he did in the 2nd half of the season, and he can still improve on crosses.

      All in all we have a top 6 side on paper but we all know the premiership where no one is good enough to not go down.

      We still have a few fringe players like Dos Santos, K. Boateng, wonder if these are long term future 1st team players or will just be sold off.

      Good luck the SPURS and COYS

    • Was at the game sunday
      All in all a good run out nothing to get carried away with. but then again nobody wants to get injured right b4 the start of the season

      one thing i would have liked to have seen is the first half harrys 1st eleven .
      modric and lennon was class when they got the ball.
      all that played , had a good game, huddlestone looked slow and i am affraid cant tackle.

      but one thing i did notice Jennas was not even in the dug out area?
      was this cos injured or was he at villa.

      harry is a good manager but when he says he cant get the player , i just wonder if he is sayin this to keep other teams away.....jennas plus cash for young ?????? any thoughts

    • did anyone see the game|? was that new guy anygood? do we still need a Lsided player? was bently any good?

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      • Bassong looked shocking, no wonder Newcastle went down! £8 million, I wouldn't pay £1million from Sundays game.

        Bentley ran around a lot and did nothing same as last season (When he got on the pitch), god awful crossing and corners from him. Looked a little better when floating into central midfield.

        Modric looked awesome hope his foot is ok, if we lose him for any length of time we will be in trouble, between him and Lennon ALL of our forward attcking motion comes from.

      • Yep, I was there. Tame first half compared to the second.

        Bassong looked confident at CB and played the whole game - he only made one mistake that I could see; The Hudd seemed a bit off the pace but still made some telling crossfield passes; Naughton and Rose did OK compared to previous games; Bentley was crap; Boateng is looking good too.

        Would have liked to see Crouch and Defoe playing together up front; maybe next Sunday? Chimbo was unlucky not to score but his shot took an unlucky deflection off a defender. Modric went off injured towards the end but hopefully nothing serious as I can't find anything about it in any of the match reports.

        With more playing time I reckon Danny Rose could be good on the left side, but still reckon we need to bring in a more experienced LW. Lennon does OK but is far better on the right.

        All in all a good game and a nice way to finish pre-season. Just hope we can sustain it against the Scousers next Sunday - will be at that game too :-))

      • Didn't see the game myself.. Only found out the result once I got home.

        But any win against european opposition is good in my book. Its just a shame that we won't be playing again in europe this season!