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    What about Keane?

    So where does everyone see Keane playing this season - what role? Unless something's changed I'm assuming he's still the captain - but based on his performance at the end of last season, I'm not sure it's a role he deserves. Plus, I see him as our 3rd/4th striker, and he's never impressed as a midfielder.
    I hope I'm proved wrong and that he plays up to what he has shown in the past - but as of right now, I can't see him deserving a starting position.

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    • I hope you're right about Keane John - got the impression that he did not shine in the Ireland game on Wednesday, whereas both Defoe and Pav did shoe their stuff and both scored. I do agree that Defoe can be a bit greedy, and that's a part of his game that he needs to change - but as you say he is an out and out striker. Also agree that Keane does give his all (most of the time) and does chase back and play all over the field.
      I do agree with the thoughts about 'arry's thinking about Crouch - and I also have high hopes that he will give us a lot more balance and more options up front. Not only will he bring in the midfielders, but I think he will be great as a foil with Defoe and Keane - plus he can hold the ball up, and he's not that bad with his feet - especially considering how tall he is. And if he can be in the box for some crosses from Lennon - who we know can get behind pretty much any defense in the prem, he is going to be a goal scoring threat as well as have the option of knocking it down for someone else - so I think he brings a lot of options in attack.
      Yup - I'm filled with pre-season optimism!

    • sorry lads i have to agree with john on this 1 iv said in a diffrent thread that it was a mistake to let bent go for crouch. cos i can c that bloke bitting us on the ar4e and smiling about it. now sorry to change the subject but does any1 no if or when our harry is going to balance our team up ? i.e our l/sided weakness.how about jennas and kean for joe cole ?.

    • I'm not sure why Keane can't start as a striker.
      His link up play with Modric in pre-season was outstanding - whereas (IMHO) Daffy is a goalscorer (true) but is lazy and selfish. Daffy plays for Daffy, Keane plays for the team.

      Both have a similar strike rate (109 in 300 for Daffy and 141 in 386 for Keane - oddly everybody's whipping boy Bent had 99 in 249 and Pav is a similar 89 in 234 (that's more difficult to judge as a record without knowing what the Russian league is like))

      I personally think that 'arry got rid of Bent and bought in Twizzle (87 in 295 - so pretty poor strike rate) because of his style of play. I think that Crouch's style of play will lead to the supporting midfielders being brought into the game more in the attacking third. So I think 'arry is now expecting far more goals from midfield anyway.

      I just hope 'arry knows what he's doing - as I personally don't see Crouchie as a step forward at all (in way of goalscoring prowess compared to Bent) - a step in a different direction that is yet to be proven.

    • I totally agree with your initial statement Rambro re: ideal line up ..... and unfortunately I also agree with your final analysis. Unfortunate because I think it is obvious that Modric's place is in the hole as a link up/playmaker/3rd striker - in which role he far exceeds Kean's capabilities.
      EY pointed out the one thing Keane does have going for him, which is that he does run his arse off and covers back well.
      It's going to be interesting to see the starting line up this Saturday - and even more interesting to see how they play together.
      At this point Pav and Defoe pick themselves (nice to see they both scored goals yesterday!), as does Gomes, BAE, Ledley, and I'm assuming Bassong. Lennon, Palacios, and Modric are also obvious picks. If Keane really has to start, the only question is RB ... Corluka is definitely my choice (how did Hutton play in the Scotland game - the little I watched he seemed to be doing quite well). I guess the other possibility is Corluka in the middle with Bassong if Ledley isn't fit.

    • Really not sure either Old Fan but he plays deeper than the other strikers we have so perhaps he will play in the hole behind Crouch/Pav in away matches where we are playing deep and can't afford to have two strikers playing detached from a rearguard midfield.

      You can't argue that he works hard and tracks back well and he closes down defenders, something that the other strikers don't do so well, so in away games he could come into his own me thinks. Just a thought.

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      • Totally agree Old Fan. I just read the Ossie article where he thinks Keane should start every game!
        Keane is definitely 3rd or 4th in line, 4th IMO.
        I can't see us playing 3 up front, that would mean losing a midfielder and our best 3 at the moment are Lennon, Modric and Palacios and you wouldn't play any of them on the left (maybe Lennon but I wouldn't, best players in their best positions and all that!). So I can see Keano getting pushed over onto the left, he's played there before, not to any great effect in my opinion. If it was down to me I'd give Bale a few games on the LW...so what do I know!!