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  • Mark THFC Mark THFC Aug 13, 2009 17:50 Flag

    What about Keane?


    Harrys certainly got a dilemma over Keane.
    Regardless of form i can see Keano being in the starting line up,as last season Keano was crap and never got dropped or subbed.
    Surely we have got to start with Defoe And Pavy as our main strikers,even if it means upsetting the captain.

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    • Dont forget Keane was a last minute (literally) panic buy from Harry as Defoe got injured. I dont think he would be here now and would still be rotting on the scousers bench if JD hadnt taken a knock. We always had problems with Keane and Defoe as a front pairing and unfortunatley for Defoe it was usually him that suffered especially once Keane and Berbs had formed a partnership. This time JD will probably be first choice so I can see Keane with a face like thunder on the bench. Id like to see him in a more creative and deeper role of course but not at the expense of Modders. So after all that...I have come no closer to solving the puzzle that presents us!! I'll get me coat.

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      • In an ideal world, Keane would be sitting on the bench (captain's armband relinquished). Modric in behind the strikers (Defoe/Crouch; Defoe/Pavlyuchenko); O'Hara/Bale on the left side of midfield (O'Hara for away games, Bale for home games), Palacios holding and Lennon on the right.

        But, and I've said this before; Keane is going to start, he's the team captain, so he has to start, so the Bale/O'Hara option becomes Modric on the left (because Keane's pants over there) and Keane in Modder's spot.

        If we get another midfielder to play on the left side, then someone's going to be upset.

        One thing I doubt and that is that Keane starts as a striking option (especially not at the expense of Daffy...he'll kick the wall with his other foot if that happens. Although after putting in 45 for England, he may not start on Sunday.

        So to answer the question what about Keane?...he starts as captain playing behind the strikers (Home and away; away where he'll be the withdrawn striker cum midfield cover)