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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 13, 2009 22:55 Flag

    Liverpool game...its time......

    ...I think we have politely held off for long enough people. Anyone want to call this one?
    Gerrard is still a big doubt and what with the loss of Alonso..have the mickeys got enough in the middle of the park to cope away from home?
    We robbed them last season (ironic that!) but can we go one better and actually 'defeat' them this time round? All in all I wouldnt be too unhappy with a point as long as the performance was agreeable. Kuyt and Babel looked pretty sharp last night and we dont need to mention Torres but I have a feeling we might just have a better all round game against them this time as opposed to last seasons white nuckle ride.....however if we must shoplift 3 points then so be it.

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