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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Aug 14, 2009 07:01 Flag

    Irons v Spurs tickets

    Welcome home Rambr0!

    Tickets at £150 sound v v pricy if you ask me and you run the risk of being denied entry if they're not the real deal. I tried to get tickets for the match through the THFC members site but they've sold out :-(

    If it's on the box, best bet is to either watch fromthe comfort of your own home or get down the nearest pub with Sky/ESPN and bag the best seat in the house.

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    • Gotta agree with KM Ram....150 sheets sounds a bit wobbly when you might end up getting a knock back at the turnstile too.
      Mind you ...who's to say your not loaded and 150 sovs is mere pocket change!!
      Youd probably pick up a cheaper one from a tout for one of the home ends if you can stomach it.

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      • Day of tout crossed my mind E-Y, but the thought of being in the "Wrong End" yet again would be enough to make me spit me chips out (done it v Arsenal at both WHL and Highbury...done it v Man U about 3 times AT HOME!!...the company I keep eh).

        Guess I'll bag the idea and go with the pub option (sigh).

        As for being filthy rich (no) not even the monied want to get duped out of their hard (or not so hard) earned cash.

        Thanks for the feedback...I'll probably be wandering around the ground for a bit of atmosphere (and maybe a tout)