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  • Today's the day, a brand new EPL season begins ( let battle commence ).

    Come on you Spurs make this a season to remember and get us back into Europe where we truly belong!


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    • It depends - vacations are usually based on longevity at the company, but in general you right- they're less time than in Europe. I think hours are about the same - typical is an 8 hour day.
      I worked in I.T. with a Fortune 50 company for 25 years, then took an early severance package and am now back in school to get a BSc in Nursing. When I graduate about a year from now, my basic week will be 3 * 12 hour days - which will count as full time. And although sometimes the hours may be longer, the pay is definitely better (unless you happen to work in the auto industry!).
      Benefits vary - but of course the health care system sucks ass - ranked 27th in the world. The quality is good, but it is VERY expensive - and as you know there are 50+million people without any insurance and therefore health care - primitive for a civilized (whatever that is) country.
      But I'm over here trying to improve the blood stock, and raise the general quality - it's a tough job etc. etc.

    • From the feedback I get the working day seems much harder over there. Longer hours etc.---less holidays.

    • Portland Oregon it is! (the river was the Columbia - then turn right - south - into the Willamette).
      We should be getting a Major League football team here in the not too distant future - and the city has always been a big football city (canNOT bring myself to call it soccer!).
      And the school I attend (University of Portland) has one of the best women's NCAA teams in the country - I think we've won the NCAA title 2-3 times in the past 5 or so years (used to be coached by Clive Charles until he passed away a few years back from cancer. He did a lot for football in this country.

    • Columbus Ohio.

    • Portland Oregon maybe. I've been there on a ship, fantastic smell of pine on the way up the river (can't remember the name) to the berth. Good city as well, I like the west coast of the States.

    • Whereabouts in the States---my daughter lives over there at the moment.

    • I was talking about the Lindisfarne Album - never heard Gazza singing! (and I know there was only one Gazza)
      Unfortunately never saw him play live at the time he was playing - only retrospectives. He played at a time when there wasn't much football on TV over here in the states, and the ability to watch games being streamed on the internet had not developed (I moved here in 1977).
      Now of course - there's a 24 hour football channel - plus I can watch pretty much any game in the world for free (and live) on the net!

    • Which Gazza are you on about, Old Fan. There's only one.

    • For a moment - the Alan H. had me going - but then I looked it up and saw that he died in 1995 - tho' had he lived he would have been just a couple of years younger that you!

    • It's gotta grate! Was just playing the album earlier today - took me back to the time I saw them live at the Weeley Festival (I think in 1971!) - great band - and a great song!

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