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  • GARY GARY Aug 17, 2009 19:16 Flag

    How much longer LENNON

    How many more seasons do we give Lennon he still can not release a ball, after seasons of coaching!! Let's get shot of him and give Bentley a run, at least he can cross a ball, and with a run in the team he may surprise and up his work rate surely its game over for Lennon

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    • nteresting point, how about this one.........................
      Who is the better premiership player Lennon or Walcott?? both burst onto the scene about the same time..........My choice is Lennon every time!!

    • Appreciate your point of view Wey. Not sure all the pundits are waiting in the wings to have a go at Lennon and they are only stating what many people already think regarding his inconsistency. I recall many of the pundits saying how much he had improved last year so its not all bad.

      I am MORE than happy to give him more time under Arry to get the crossing element of his game up to PL standard. I am sure Arry knows all about it and will have him working on it as we speak. Ramos who????

    • Sfer the point i was making is that some players are given labels by the so called pundits that they find very difficult to shake off, and i worry that my be the case with Lennon if he is on tv and makes one bad cross or decision they jump on the bandwaggon and say that that is his problem, whereas those that see nearly all our gamesknow how much he has improved.
      Have to agree tis could be one of the most open seasons yet and we have a good chance to finish in to 6 as a minimum, fancy us to grab a cup as well.

    • The same thought occurred to me sfer - based on pre-season and first game (and I know it's still early days), Manure are a lot weaker team than they were last year, the scousers are a lot weaker team than they were last year, the gooners are looking good - but they are very young and who is going to lead them through the dark days. As much as I hate to say it, Chelski are the team that I think will win the league this year - good squad, depth, and a good manager.
      Villa are not looking good, Fulham are going to be exhausted with European games, Everton - 'nuff said, it's going to be interesting to see how Mark Hughes manages city and whether he can keep the team together and playing together.
      I just don't see many teams coming into the season stronger than they left last season (outside of teams like Sunderland).
      The exception is us! I think that we are looking stronger and deeper than we did last year, the core of the team remains the same, the good news/bad news is we do not have European games.
      What I think all this means is that while I think that the top two places are going to be between Chelski and the Gooners, the next 6 are up in the air between Manure, the Scousers, us, Everton, Man City, and Villa. There just seems to be a lot more potential for parity.

    • How do you know he hasn't already EY? Shagged your Granny I mean.

      I agree - it's way too early - that bl00dy gary was premature again!!

      Lets wait a while - in the meantime, another 3 points at the weekend and that would be what I call a good start.

      Just had another thought. Personally I don't think Manure are as good in defence or midfield as they were and given our strength in attack (the variety and quality) it just might be our time!! COYS!!

    • Ahhhhaaaaaaah!!...you fell straight into my cunningly laid trap Sfer.......I deliberately avoided saying Lennon would walk into any top 4 side in my post as I knew that might draw some contraversy............ho hum...we split hairs though eh?
      To be serious...shouldnt we be having this debate say around Christmas time re Lennon? This question is a little bit premature after one game (which I think is why the elusive Gary has had so many responses to his original post). The debate around Lennon has never gone away really and I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anybodys viewpoints...its just a bit 'early doors' for me to start finding fault...especially as we just took 3 points from a top 4 side in our first game......Lennon can sh*g my granny for all I care if we keep getting 3 points every week!

    • Woooaaaahhhh there Wey. No one is on his back as far as I can see. This thread started with Gary (who has spookily disappeared) saying how frustrated with Lennon he was and has moved on to debating (again) how just about everybody thinks A) he is good player B) he has improved considerably and C) that he does not deliver enough quality crosses

      I don't think that is getting on his back but I do think it is a reasonable thing to discuss on here. If it isn't and you would like it just to be somewhere we all do nothing but chant endlessly how good Spurs are then I'm off.

      If you read all the posts on this thread you would see that the views are quite balanced and nobody (perhaps with the exception of Houdini Gary) wants to see him go but most would like to see another improvement on top of that acheived last season to include some decent service to the forwards. As I said above - I don't think that is too much to ask for is it???

      ps - I also do not believe he would just walk into any of the so called top 4 first teams.

    • Sfer that is the way lennon plays its his style........its an all or nothing tactic......he skips past defenders(thats what he looks like when he runs)and tries to get to the corner flag and run across to get a better cross in......if you watched him last year he would pass across the face of goal so darren bent could miss a sitter...

    • Sfer,
      I'm with you.
      Lennon is fast and tricky - but if that leads to nothing, then he may as well be slow and clumsy.
      I'm not a great one for stats showing how well a player played or how good a game was - but it would be interesting to know just how many of the goals are created substantially by him (and I don't just mean that he delivered the final ball).
      I used to dislike Anderton, not because of his illness record, but just that he never went past anyone and always swung the ball in from 20+ yards out (maybe he never had the pace or tricks) - but he did get the ball in the box.

      Bring back Tony Galvin (is he still in Russia?) or Cliff Jones ......

    • Gary's had a drink with Bentley. One of you is still pissed. The other has a DD ban

      Anyway what about Peter Crouch who'll head those waywards crosses into the back of the neck. He's 8 ft tall, even without his shoes on

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      • Alfy has a valid point yiddos, with Crouch in the team Lennon or indeed Bentley dont need to provide pin point crosses! That F*cker Crouch can stand in the six yard box shove out a leg and collect a wayward ball from the center circle whilst tickling his bird in the stands!

      • First off, as several people have commented, his crossing improved a huge amount last season, and I have every reason to believe it will continue to improve this season.
        Second - "Bentley is a better crosser of the ball" - you must be having a radox! The wonder goal aside, I didn't see Bentley do much of anything last season. I'd love to see him get hisself straightened out - and that ain't gonna happen overnight!
        Third - Lennon's speed automatically means that defenders cannot ignore him - when he goes on a run without the ball, he usually pulls 1 (or perhaps 1 1/2) defenders with him, and opens up a lot of space..
        Fourth - when he cuts infield, he can cause panic in a defense, and he is learning to either make room for his shot or lay it off to someone else.
        Fifth - because he can get behind a defense, he is always a threat, and he does get some great crosses in - he can certainly improve in this area - but I'll take him as he is.
        Sixth - as Alfy already said - with Crouchie in the middle some of those wayward crosses ain't gonna be so wayward - I think 'arry saw the problem with the high crosses coming over and his solution was to get a taller player in the middle - you've gotta admit - that's thinking outside the box!

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