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  • Old Fan Old Fan Aug 19, 2009 00:20 Flag

    How much longer LENNON

    The same thought occurred to me sfer - based on pre-season and first game (and I know it's still early days), Manure are a lot weaker team than they were last year, the scousers are a lot weaker team than they were last year, the gooners are looking good - but they are very young and who is going to lead them through the dark days. As much as I hate to say it, Chelski are the team that I think will win the league this year - good squad, depth, and a good manager.
    Villa are not looking good, Fulham are going to be exhausted with European games, Everton - 'nuff said, it's going to be interesting to see how Mark Hughes manages city and whether he can keep the team together and playing together.
    I just don't see many teams coming into the season stronger than they left last season (outside of teams like Sunderland).
    The exception is us! I think that we are looking stronger and deeper than we did last year, the core of the team remains the same, the good news/bad news is we do not have European games.
    What I think all this means is that while I think that the top two places are going to be between Chelski and the Gooners, the next 6 are up in the air between Manure, the Scousers, us, Everton, Man City, and Villa. There just seems to be a lot more potential for parity.