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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 20, 2009 20:48 Flag

    Being serious for a minute...

    I know we are all enjoying the 'moment' so to speak.....but correct me if Im wrong but didnt we also spend a microsecond in top spot under Jol?
    Also I read in one of todays papers that we had made our best start in 44 years!! Now that has to be absolute b*llox.no?......I cant be ar5ed to google our stats right now but I can recall better starts than this.....surely?
    Anyone out there got the willpower to sort this out?

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    • Good find that Old Fan.

      E-Y - I'm just triple confirming your suspicion!

      Now it says in match facts on here (Yahoo) that we have not won our first 3 in a row since the start of the Prem league...true or false...cue Old Fan.

      If false, now would be a good place to start.

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      • True - I was checking that as I was looking at the last time we won two in a row at the start of the season - there have been a few times when we haven't lost for more than 3-4 games (couple of draws thrown into the mix), but we haven't won three to start the season since the Prem started. Not sure about "ever" - as I didn't go back and check the stats since the club first formed.