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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 27, 2009 06:57 Flag

    carlin cup team

    SB, you always sound so negative - why think about 5th now, it's 4 places down! We all know it won't last, let's enjoy it while we've got it.

    Just watched the highlights, Bentley didn't even smile when he scored, miserable fucker, he just looked like playing in these sorts of games were beneath him. Fair enough it was the 4th goal, and when he joined us he thought he was on the verge of being the best player since time began, but he's got to take these chances when offered (it's a step up from reserves, which is where he was at the end of last season), and he just looks embarassed to have to go through this. If he can really shine in these matches - and stop shooting every time he gets the ball past the half way line - there's no reason you couldn't have him, Modric and Lennon as a three-pronged, interchanging attacking midfield, with Palacios guarding the back. But he's got to earn it, he's not going to get it on a plate.

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