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  • ...at the West Ham and Milwall boards to see what they were saying about last night's disgraceful behaviour and the only one who's commented is Ironistic, quite rightly condemning it - surely they can't all have been locked up??!!

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    • Anyhow, my inability to communicate in modern day short hand or not, the point i was making , poorly, agreed, was that on the BBC this morning, actually i think it was radio London i heard it on, driving to work....

      Thats it..

      Mark Bright was at the game last night and it was he who was on the radio whilst i drove to work and he stated the majority of the fans looked as though they had stepped out of offices for the game, come out of "retirement" just for the night if you wish.

    • Tutt.

      Its times like this when you just KNOW your getting older.

    • If the boot was on the other foot Big G I think I would be very quiet as well. No respectable suporter would want to be associated with that behaviour so all of the lads that come on here from the Hammers are quite rightly ashamed at the moment as we would be.

      Such a pity as we all know that the Hammers fans that come on here are decent blokes and they deserve better than this.

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      • Fair point Sfer, and I totally agree about the Hammers that visit our board.
        I have to say if there was a match where you would expect trouble it would be Millwall and West Ham. But I thought we'd got rid of all that from the domestic games.
        The thing I find unbelievable is the level of intelligence. There's cameras everywhere these days, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel for the old bill looking at the footage. You can tell they're not genuine supporters, doing that in front of a camera at the risk of getting banned for life? If it was a Premiership game they probably wouldn't have got a ticket.