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  • I've had some pretty bad ones Sfer but none quite that bad!!
    I had one applying for a warehousemen/relief 7.5T driver job where the job description quite clearly stated 'must have reach truck and 7.5T licenses', the bloke was 18 and had been working in a travel agents since he was 16!! Then he had the cheek to phone and ask why I'd knocked him back!!

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    • You ought to try working in Recruitment for 20 years Big G - not syaing I have seen everything as far as CV's are concerned but it would take a lot to surprise me now.

      What makes me laugh at the moment is CV's from "Graduates" who can't spell and who are expecting to walk into a middle management job on £40K a year.

      Fab - I said it was all text speak not Rasta.....u plnkr!