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    levy and the purse vstrings

    maybe it was the disappontment after all the expectation.....but it would appear that,like arshavin and others,mr levy has let the money get in the way of letting harry get more players.....james,upson and the internacional midfielder....you remember mastermind sugar turning down bergkamp,on the grounds that £7m was too much,when he was desperate to join spurs....the money men look at cash....not potential....they forget the old adage.....'YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR'....THEY TRY AND DO IT ON THE CHEAP !!

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    • I saw an interview with Redknapp yesterday evening, and he said:

      Davids (James & Bentley): never goers, nothing in them (with James he actually said - again - I've got 2 triffic keeers here so why would I want a third)
      O'Hara: triffic player, really triffic, he'll be triffic for them and triffic for us when he comes back
      Upson: I think Daniel made some calls but there was never really anything in it
      Anton Ferdinand: was something in it, but nothing major

      And Krancar said he turned down Everton for us because our "tradition and greatness", before mentioning Redknapp, Modric and Corluka as reasons/giving good testimonies for the club.

      While the Upson bit was possibly a bit of a comment about Levy, I do think 'Arry's got far more control over it than him... Levy was visiting Joe Lewis just before we got Redknapp on board, and I really think Levy was told to get him no matter what the cost, and one more cock up and he's be out on his ear without a penny to show for it, so he's learnt to put up and shut up.