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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 4, 2009 03:40 Flag

    Losing streak

    I fear it also... but I don't expect it... ish.

    Injuries dependent, with our current form I'd like to think we can at least hold Utd to a draw (fingers crossed Dawson will be ready by then), and Chelsea at the Bridge (I put SB but didn't want you getting confused with Spursbabe!) I don't fear any more than Everton or Villa away... in fact probably less than Everton away (or Villa at home, I'm always convinced we'll throw that away), because Everton are a team who'll punish you and there's a danger of forgetting that, whereas at Chelsea you expect a big game and the results have been varied over recent years, so you wouldn't/shouldn't expect us to be steamrollered.

    Who've Chelsea got for their first game after the international break? Wouldn't it be brilliant if that game was a battle for top spot?! It'd be nice to go into it at least on equal points, and equal footing... just got to get through Man U first.

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    • Chelsea have Stoke away n_b_r so unless a lot of their players are injured on international duty I can't see them losing up there somehow.

      Makes it all the more important for us to win v Manure next weekend. Will be at WHL for that one so am hoping I'm a lucky omen as so far we've won all the games I've been to this season :-))

    • Yeah, NBR, I was hoping that the Chelsea game came first; battle of 100%-ers for the top spot. If we should lost to Manure then the Chelsea game loses some of its luster (just another London derby...which is major in itself!).

      Looking for 4 points from those two games (injuries and a few lucky bounces permitting).