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    Fabongrass has NO LIFE

    Fellow yids is not time we helped this poor jobless soul and instead of encouraging him to waste more of his time (even saturday afternoons) on a message board, but to encourage him to go out and meet people in the flesh, maybe even strike up a conversation?

    the kiddie has no job, no bird, no freinds, no interests, no prospects, lives at home with his mum still, NO LIFE at all.

    jesus said dont mock the children, so dont laugh at fabnolife, he needs your sympathy

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    • WHen Modders comes back, Krank sits - end of (I'm sorry for being so blunt, but I don't think he's going to make the splash that Modric has in a Spurs shirt). The times I've seen him play for Pompey he's shown flashes of what he can do, but like many we've had before him in midfield, he's not consistent, and also is not one that responds well to pressure (whereas Modric seems to thrive on it...even goes looking for it at times...he's a rare talent, so I can't be too critical [especially before Krank's even kicked a ball in the Lillywhite shirt], there was never anybody available that could ably fill his spot (I would have felt much more confortable if we had snared Van de Vaart...but that was a non-starter (probably an unfounded rumour).

      YAY! We're talking about football again. Nice win by England tonight...Daffy should have started; it would have been an embarrassing scoreline if he did, I'm sure of it.

      The Argy's are in trouble (anyone mourning?)

    • Cheers Big G - compliment accepted and much appreciated.

      I don't consider that any of the comments have been sexist. In today's modern world it's nice that we female posters aren't considered "inferior" in matters football, despite not having a willy!

      Some of the neanderthals who inhabit other Yahoo footie boards might think otherwise of course, but my fellow Spurs posters give lie to that and I've never felt as though I'm despised (for want of a better word) or unwelcome by any of you. I'm sure NBR will support me on that score too.

      Sadly I can't remember who the tennis player is on sb's avatar - maybe Kournikova, who I believe has retired from competitive tennis (I read somewhere she's too loved up with Enrique Iglesias these days).

    • Calm down Big Bear - it's only speculation that sb is not what she seems, and I for one don't believe that speculation.

      She's previously acknowledged that the photo isn't her but a tennis player (Sharapova I believe?). Mine as you can see is Michael Dawson and I'm definitely not a bloke!

    • Evening peeps & fellow yidsters,

      I agree that there are a number of people or saddo's on here that hide behind multiple identities purely to perpetrate wind-ups or make out that they follow Spurs when in fact they support the gooners, wet spam or a plethora of other clubs.

      But to accuse spursbabe of being one of these perpetrators has very little foundation - she has posted what appears to be genuine posts in the past and does show an indepth knowledge of the club!

      So if she is an imposter hiding behind another identity why start now? KM has said that SB's avatar is of a tennis player, but with the utmost respect to KM, so is mine ( Maria Sharapova ).

      I have had many an avatar myself over the last couple of years including my "Keep the Faith" Spurs flag, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic & Jennifer Ellison.just to name but a few.

      Before anyone casts an accusing glance towards me, I have only ever had 2 identities since I first posted on her in early May 2007 that is as Mike S and Wolfcastle.

      In closing, I would like to say if spursbabe is found out to be a fake then it would have fooled everyone on here including me!

      Regards Wolfie!

    • Whats going on ? have i read this thread right ? i go away on holiday to the motherland. come back to hear that spursbabe is a man and her photo is a fake ???? are you sure ??? what makes you think that ??? Big G im with you if she is a bloke im going to be gutted . if it is all false what was it all about ????

    • And when Fab leaves Arsenal for Sapin next summer and Spurs are in Arsenals champions league spot it will all be too much for him and he will probably top himself !

    • What website do you use old fan??

    • I like your thinking Alan - 2-0 would make me a very happy camper - that being said I'd take 1-0 or 2-1 (and I think 2-1 might be the outcome - with a nail biter finish).
      No doubt this is a big game for us - hope everyone comes through without injuries after today.
      Will also be interesting to see how our new boy plays for Croatia, and see how Robbie Keane does (over here in the US, the Ireland Slovakia game is on TV live, and I will be watching the England game on the net).

    • Couldn't agree more regarding false ID's etc. These guys finish up talking to themselves which is probably a good idea for them. I find it interesting bouncing around the boards a bit because it's good to read of various club fans opinions.
      The proviso of course is to maintain respect and stay in the one skin for ongoing banter. You get to grasp individual's knowledge and humour, with football the hub we all, or most connect to.
      H---Spurs 2 Man Utd ?

    • Fair points EY and they are sadly true. To be honest I don't look at the other boards ( I did a couple of times long ago look at the Ar$e board just to see what it was like) and I certainly really don't see the point of creating different ID's.

      I try and post on the basis that if I see something that I agree or disagree with that is football related then I will add my two peneth. If anybody does not like my opinion then they know who I am and can post accordingly.

      On another point - as much as I am looking forward to the England game tonight I just can't seem to stop thinking about the Manure game. If we get a result out of that then I will be looking forward to the rest of the season even more than I am now. Pav scored a couple (albeit pens), Keano scored and we know about Defoe plus Lennons playing well so the signs are looking good. COYS!!!

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