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  • Old Fan Old Fan Sep 8, 2009 23:44 Flag

    Defo not to start Wednesday???

    Agree with philosophy of saving JD & Lennon for the week-end - tho' I think both of them will be coming on at some point in the game (may even see Lennon start - he was the better of the two on the right).
    But - I do not think a win is a given. Hopefully the last game was an anomaly, and we will play better tomorrow. If we play the way we played over the week-end, Croatia could well kick our arses.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how our new boy does for Croatia.

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    • Good to see Lennon getting a start and being given MOTM for his performance. Shame he couldn't have scored but did well for the penalty. Let's hope he's not knackered for Saturday. Defoe was unlucky not to have had better service from the midfield in the 2nd half - one wonders what would have happened if he'd played from the off rather than Heskey.