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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 13, 2009 03:39 Flag

    1-3, A Tough Game To Watch

    Was it the International break...United had a fair amount of players who played mid-week, so I'm ruling that one out.

    I just don't believe our team has th belief that it can beat Man U.

    The early goal, which was a slice of striking brilliance by the way, had us retreat into, not quite a defensive shell, but we definitely were not taking the initiative.

    Wilson Palacios played his socks off and was our only consistent midfield ball-winner (I guess that's what he's in the side for); and it was because of him throwing himself about from the opening whistle that we got that goal.

    Huddlestone is definitely not a DM...his passing range is sumpuous, but he has the languid lope of Berbatov...he never seems to be in any hurry, even when he's been dispossesed.

    Anyone who thinks we'll be ok without Modric, might have to have a rethink after today's performance. We couldn't dictate the tempo of the game at all, while it wasn't totally route one when we were in posession, it wasn't far off it. This means our time of possesion is very limited...and if we don't have the ball, that means they do.

    Hats off to the visitors, they came to give us a run for our money (didn't they line up in a modified 4-3-3...AWAY FROM HOME - I saw that and thought...No respect! They don't respect us...and we haven't, or it didn't seem that we had the pride to make a rallying cry of that.

    We'll give the Chavs a better run, but i fear the result won't be much different.

    Additionally, Vidic should have been sent off before Scholes was! What a dirty player on the day!

    I can only think that Palacios was "all in" by half time (you try flying out to Honduras, playing two important games for your coountry and then flying back for a match against the current League Champions!

    I'm definitely losing patience with or right back from Scotland...again, why was Corluka pulled...he didn't play in the England v Croatia game (suspension), and while he lopes along like Huddlestone, he's a bit more positionally aware. Also, you saw Evra and Rooney go at him (Hutton) as if they knew he'd be the weak link (and Rooney scored, this with them having ten men).

    I'm not hitting the panic button just yet, it's only one loss in 5 games, we're still in the thick of things...and its still early (although our red neighbours must be wondering what the heck just hit them today...for thei loss number two (tee hee...if Spurs is going to lose make it on a day when the Ar5e lose too...and the hammers losing was a bonus...no unwanted visitors...except from the Mancs.

    Lennon was said to have been tamed...I say we didn't go to him enough...everything seemed to go up the left side, so AL never had a chance to get his motor warmed up.

    Let's hope Harry gets them to regroup...keep them away from the newspaper headlines that will no doubt question our pedigree for cracking the CL spots...all is not lost...just one game!

    Oh lastly...did anybody else notice the amount of energy we spent in the first s20-25 minutes of the game...I was thinking aye up, were going for this...then we started to chase the ball around like we had no sense...I'm sure our lack of gumption when we had a man advantage had something to do with being dead tired!

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    • i agree sfer i dont like coles. But id love to do his wife.

    • Having read all of the post Manure game posts on here what strikes me most is that Spurs really didn't turn up to the game did they and this makes me mad as hell. If you can't be up for a game aginst the Champions and after 4 straight wins then when are you gonna be?

      Nobody played well in my opinion. I questioned the way in which Lennon was going to perform against Evra before the game simply because Evra is quick, experienced and plays in a back 4 where he knows there will be somebody who will cover him. Lennon dissapeared.

      Without Crouch the team knows it is just a waste of time punting a long ball up to Keane and Defoe so they are forced to try and play it to feet and thats a good thing. As soon as Crouch is there the tempation to chuck a long ball up is too great and given that Vidic and Rio are well used to dealing with that type of ball we just gave posession away. Pathetic.

      I think Arry made a mistake playing Keane in the LM position. We all know its our weak link and Keane has not exactly been on form has he so putting the two together was bound to fail.

      Apart from Palicios having a half decent game in terms of putting himself about, the whole midfield was second rate. because they were backing off it made it difficult for the back for to do anything other than follow suit. Mindless crap!!

      I still cannot understand how Manure are as good as they are - its baffling. Anderson, Nani, Fletcher - all in another team would look average. Giggs and Scholes are way past their best and O'Shea is not a world class RB is he! Unyet put the whole thing together and hey bl00dy presto - they whoop our ar$e$ for fun - or so it looked to me.

      I know its only 5 games in and its only our first loss but bl00dy hell lets have some pride and at the very least give 110%

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      • Couldn't have said it better myself Sfer (there I go again!!)

        Pride...where is it Tottenham...100% record, and the cumps i mean champs in front of you, on your own turf.

        Is it me or am I imagining that we play United better at their place than at ours...you know, like, we've got nothign to lose up their, as they and everyone else has already pencilled in a W in the win column for them before a ball is kicked!

        I'm hoping that the same reasoning holds true for our next game, away to the Chavs (it better, and with a positive result too).

    • Disappointed a little by the defensive performance the team put in.

      King was at fault for the 2nd goal cleared straight to Anderson to drill home. Berbatov played well and created real trouble playing in the hole. This is where we missed Modric.

      Huddlestone had a real bad game not just a bad game...His passing was off....May be he needs another few games on the bench to see if he can regain his form. Palacios will be great next weekend after he gets over the jet lag, and now with Jenas back rearing to go I think that will be a good midfield team up. Hopefully Krancjar can provide the creativity we need.

      With the form and luck Chelsea have at the moment I cannot see us winning that one, at best getting a point.

      Keane was just poor I cannot see him playing on the left where does he fit in with all this?????????

      Defoe was great and if he gets feed he will score. I think Bentley would have done better than Lennon with crouch up front. Crouch was not effective as he did not get feed.

      As soon as palacios fouled Berba and Ryan Giggs stepped up i new it would go in. We just can seem to defend against the top 4 and try to keep games 0-0 and nick a win.

      Disappointed because after Defoe's goal it could have been different story if not for the poor defensive performance.

    • i know hes not exactly world class but i still rue scott parker turnin us down every time he moves to new club.
      id love him in the centre with palicious.
      2 hard working players in the centre which leaves modric & lennon free to attack either side of them.
      id be very tempted to offer 1 of the following for parker,
      hudd, hutton or jenas.

    • Rambr0, it was a tough game to watch live let alone on TV :-(

      The Hudd was well off par today - he either plays very well or not at all; no middle ground. Wayward passing and lack of confidence in his long-range shots seemed to be the order of the day. Keane was pretty much non-existent and I'm not surprised he was subbed. Thought Kranjcar had a good game for his debut thought got himself a bit tied up at times; somehow I would have preferred Bentley instead of Jenas as a sub, but 'Arry seems to be a Jenas fan.

      Palacios played very well and I thought him being subbed was tactical given his yellow card in the first half. I know I've said that one man doesn't make a team, but we definitely missed Modric's genius and industriousness in the midfield. Let's hope it's not too long before he's back where he belongs in the thick of things.

      I thought the Manure line-up looked quite tired when it was announced, given it included Giggs and Scholes who are past their peak and Ferdinand just back from injury, but far from it. Giggs's free kick for their equaliser was a well taken but soft goal, and should have been covered by our defence but Cudicini saw it too late to react. Anderson's goal was sublime. As for Rooney's goal, well he's on fire isn't he? But where was our defence? Nowhere.

      We really should have capitalised on Scholes's sending off. IMO we were playing against 12 men until then, given the ref's performance - he ignored so many fouls against us in the 1st half, and got ironic cheers every time he gave a free kick our way. There were 2 penalty shouts in the 2nd half we should have been given - one a blatant handball.

      Agree re Vidic - dreadful foul on the edge of the box and worthy of a red card.

      Have to say I'm not surprised Corluka was subbed - he did OK but not brilliantly, despite being in his favoured RB position. Hutton and Lennon have in the past combined well down the right flank, but Evra must have learned his lessons from the CC final and worked out how to neutralise Lennon.

      A disappointing game for me, though tempered by the fact that Ar5ena1 lost heavily to Citeh. But as you say, it's one loss out of 5 and although we have Chelski next weekend (and didn't do badly at the Bridge last season) our next few games should hopefully see us pick up the points again - just hoping today hasn't dented our confidence too much.

      Onwards and upwards. We're still in 4th and 3pts clear of the Scousers :-))

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      • Once scholes was sent off we should have statrted throwing everything we had at them......vidic should have been sent off dirtiest player out there on the day but what do we do?We sit back let united attack and let who get hold of the ball??Rooney!No one was marking him through the whole game

        IMO he should have taken keane of at half time and given pavy a run give their defence another beanpole to worry about....i knew we had lost the game when he took of palacios for effing jenas!!

        Instead of taking off hudd who looked as though he thought he was berbatov he takes off our only player who was making an effort!!

        Im gonna stop here as i could go on for ages about every other player who played like a sack of dung..