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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 13, 2009 17:44 Flag

    1-3, A Tough Game To Watch

    Again, only what I saw from the highlights so can't really comment (but will do so anyway...), but Crouch looks to have had a great game, he was unlucky to not have had a goal.

    Re Vidic, are you surprised??? He's always been a bully and a dirty thug.

    The other thing that made me angry was Hudd for Scholes' sending off - yes he got him in the face and deserved to be sent off (isn't anything involving the head an automatic straight red?), but he didn't shoot him for heaven's sake! Hudd was rolling round clutching his face like he thought he was going to lose an eye.

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    • Crouch did have a good game, he was one of our better players yesterday. He's hit the crossbar a couple of times this season and been unlucky not to score more goals. He held the ball up well but there wasn't always anyone around for him to feed it to when he did.

      I'd have liked to have seen Pavy come on for Keane but would have played him up front with Defoe and Crouch and left Lennon, Hudd and Palacios/Krancjar in the midfield. I think Palacios being subbed was tactical - he's a tough player and was already on a yellow card so could have ended up with another and been off a la Scholes.

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      • agree with most of whats been said in this thread.
        especially with u rambo about hudd. iv been saying for a while he is not good enough to be a centre mid, hes more of a mid table prem player. no pace,cant tackle,no stamina.
        iv also been saying about are lack of quality full bks, again they are all decent mid table prem players in my opinion.

        i wouldnt pick on hutton because corluka just backs off when hes against rooney and lets him come about 10yds out and basically gives him a free shot. corluka did the same thing against rooney at old trafford last season.

        i think man u showed how much better they are too us.
        i think we are just as good as them in most areas apart from ctr mid & full bks.

        our only midfield tackler is palacious & he has way too much to do on his own which leaves the defence outnumbered.

        lennon,hudd,modric/keane is way too attacking in my opinion.

        maybe at home to lower half prem teams but not against top 6 teams.

    • I got to take my hat off to Utd...not so much for the football side of their game but that soused jock has taught them every trick in the book in how to hoodwink, timewaste and cheat. That wasnt why we lost by the way...they outplayed us on the day....fair n square...but it might explain how they manage to remain at the top...even when they arent ripping teams apart.......the gamemanship taught them up there from the master manipulator is fascinating in its effectivness. Every free kick was questioned by Giggs, Rooney or Fletcher......it stopped them being taken quickly...Vidic bases his whole game of fouling without being seen...off the ball and then claiming he was fouled instead.......this is not a whinge..its a compliment almost!
      Anyway onto our performance....I dont want to waffle any more but I will say that some of our players had a very bad day at the office and heres who....Cudicini...made some good saves but should have got to the free kick and also allowed Andersons punt to elude him rather weakly. Hudd....simply does not have the mindset of a top class holding midfielder. BAE...hopeless crossing the ball...rarley got it past their first defender. Bassong needs to learn when to hoof and when to try and pass it out...and not get them 2 mixed up!
      We lacked ideas...even when they had 10 men. Lennon was double teamed so even after getting past the first man, the second simply cleaned up or muscled him backwards.
      Theres no doubt we have what it takes to beat most teams in this league but we must try and mix our tactics up a bit when we hit the odd brick wall....we were very predictable(big punt to Crouch) and Utd had one of their easier days I reckon.