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  • Nobodies mentioned the weekend's game, hope it's not that bubble.

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    • Lennon's your key man for me, this is the one that Cole won't be fancying again---I wouldn't be surprised if a penalty comes your way.

    • I usually don't, but we've already lost one and so I can't put it down to me trying to forecast the future.

      So here goes;

      Of course I want Spurs to win, but for that to happen, we'll have to go one down, not one up. So, 1 - 0 the Blues until a minute before half-time, then we equalize.

      They come out after us in half number two...we unleash the Cole Tormentor on them on the break and watch Cashley fall on his arse time after time after time. A little bit of repsect creeps into their play and they aren't so marauding (hold on...let me wake up from this dream...)

      Spurs will have to work their little socks off individually and as a team. Not sure what our centre-back pairing will be, but I'm guessing we won't have Ledders, not that he's been the dominating force of yore; he is however the steadying force and with the likes of Drogba coming at ya, the back line will need to be steady.

      I'll be happy for a well-fought draw; but if we lose, let's go down fighting, not like that performance last week!


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      • Agree Rambr0, too often we've gone 1 goal up then thrown it away - it was definitely a worrying pattern last season.

        If Lennon can get his act together on the right flank (supported by either Corluka or Hutton, or even Naughton being given a run-out) then Cashley will hopefully have as torrid a time as Evra in the CC final last season :-)) And if he can get his crossing spot on then who knows? I'm pretty sure Defoe will cause them problems too.

        No reason not to have Ledders playing - he'll be nicely rested from last weekend's game against Manure. I'm all for individual performances as long as they benefit the team as a whole.

        I read that Anelka thinks Chelsea should respect us as an in-form team - at last somebody acknowledges what we're capable of. That said, I wouldn't want to see any complacency creep in to the squad - that can only spell disaster. If our mindset doesn't change and we approach the game in a positive frame of mind bolstered by 4 wins out of 5 then anything is possible.

        3pts from the Bridge would be awesome, but agree I'd settle for 1pt as long as we put up a good fight.

    • Can't hear you Alan - I have my head in the sand..........