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  • CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Sep 21, 2009 04:50 Flag

    Was it a penalty?

    King is now past it....Injury after injury....He is a great palyer when fit but at this level we need CB who can get through 75% of the games in a season, and I don't think King can do this. When are we going to learn that yes he has been great but he is not what he once used to be....Not buying a quality center back in this window has cost us 6 points.

    Feel for Bassong bad injury....Slammed into the ground face first.

    Over all it was not a great performance and we can't complain about the penalty.(It was a penalty) however the overall performace was again below par against a top 4 side.

    Keane was again ineffective and has still not hit the ground running since being back.

    Crounch made a difference up front...But it was again in midfield where we had no creativity....seriously lacking Modric's play. Jenas was crap...huddlestone was also crap....Palacios cannot be expected to run the midfield on his own.

    A long way of top 4.....a long long way.......What happened to digging in deep and sometime grinding out a result. Cannot play attacking football all the time against a force like Man U or Chelsea.

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    • Hate to say it - but I agree with you Calgary re: King - great player - great captain - and we will stay scrabbling for 5th-7th place until we get a settled and permanent CB duo that can play all the games.
      Definitely a penalty, but there again so was Cole jumping into Crouch without even looking at the ball - and for that matter so was the handball off Lampard's free kick.
      I think had we been given the penalty, it might have changed the complexion of the game - not sure if we could have won - bland in midfield, agree that Keane looks like dead wood up front for the most part. We were flat in the 2nd half they wanted the game more.
      And Drogba has got to be the biggest tit on the planet! The consummate wanker!
      Oh well - onto the CC and next week - let's hope we get Dawson back and Bassong isn't crocked - anyone know when Woody is supposed to be back?