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  • Surely its time to get a replacement for Ledley he is a great player and does always perform when he plays, but we need a settled central defence, we have to move players like Corluka out of position week in and week out and with injuries to the likes of Woodgate and Dawson were there to be shot down, i do not want to want to have a go at Harry he has turned the club around, but now i think that its time we showed our worth if we intend to do something with potentially a good footballing side. We are still letting plenty of goals in at the back but when we have to accomadate for Ledley then i dont think moving Corluka and bringing Alan Hutton in at full back is the answer i am afraid Alan Hutton is a poor replacement.

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    • sfer i was saying if u dont think king should be 1st choice he should still be 3rd choice as bk up & in cup games.
      me personal would put king & woodgate as our best 2.
      so if all 4 our fit id put king & woodgate. then when king gets injured u have bassong or woodgate.
      if this upsets the rhythm to much then just say to king we can only keep u on as 3rd choice so u would be bk up & play in cup games. also hes got to be our defensive coach when he retires!

      glad u agree about corluka & hudd being way too slow. i dont think either should start for us but obviosuly with the injuries they have too.

      glad u mentioned fergie. have u not noticed rio has had loads of injuries & he can only play with painkillers for the foreseeable future.
      against man city u could tell he was in a bit of pain & wasnt 100%.
      and dont forget fergie has got vidic & evans but still played an unfit rio.

    • evidently levy put the block on transfers so 'arry could not get the defensive cover he wanted.....result we are in trouble with no cover....common sense lost out to financiasl restraint again

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      • I think John has hit the nail plum on the head here.......its not that Ledders himself is the problem (we all know that when he plays he is consistently one of the top 3 CBs in the PL)...its that by accomodating him we have hamstrung ourselves in terms of development. Our loyalty to King has seen succesive managers (and Levy) fail to invest in that position other than with the odd inexperienced player (ie Bassong) a cheap donkey (Rocha) or another injury prone type (Woody). Im sure had we bought in an Upson or a Jagielka 2 years ago....they would now be keeping Ledley as a bit part player (if he was still here).
        Im Kings biggest fan and would love to see him remain at Spurs for the rest of his career. Im also not hitting the panic button as had Woodgate and Dawson both been fit we would not be discussing poor old Ledley now would we? BUT maybe this crisis has finally sealed Ledleys fate and will end the soul searching and navel staring once and for all..............sad but true.

    • On my point earlier about getting a replacement for Ledley, it know appears that Jonathan Woodgate will be out for the for quite a time and obviously that means Michael Dawson will come into the mix, it will take Michael quite a time to adjust again and get match fit, when he does i hope he can remain fit as he is prone to injuries although very unlukily in his case, but it stresses my original point we must buy a CB in January we cannot and will not rough with the big boys until we do so. Some off you made the point in bringing in Matthew Upson in, i am sure he would come if Harry put a bid in.
      We must now start buying defenders we are top heavy with forwards and midfield players.

    • There will be plenty of time to be sentimental about King in a few years when we all look back and say what a great player he was and how sad it was that he suffered with these terrible injuries. Until then lets be concentrating on what is best for THFC.

      Let me ask you this - do you think for one minute that SAF would put up with a player in Kings dodgy predicament?

    • I don't care, I think there's plenty of room in football for sentiment and emotion, and King is King!

      ...Which is why I'm a fan not a manager.

    • I must admit I find some of Spursbabes comments confusing if not hypicritical. Who said the result would have been different if O'Hara had played Sunday??? At one point she? says we should keep King for cup games and that we do not need another CB but that means we do not have one recognised CB (assuming Bassong is out although that might not be the case) for our next game and then goes on to say that if they are all fit we will have a problem keeping them all happy!

      You can't have it both ways - I think as long as we have King in the picture we have enough CB's numerically at the club (I know, I know the injury problem causing us issues at the moment but as I have said elsewhere that will affect all clubs at some point) but if he went we could go out and get a decent replacement.

      Its sentimental thinking that is keeping King playing. If he was put out to grass we would have to buy another CB and end the "shall we shant we" thought process that seems to prevent us making a bl00dy decision.

      Apart from that we still have the left MF problem and Bale did nothing when he played to make me think he is the answer. O'Hara cannot come back until January and he would not be my first choice LM anyway as I don't rate him other than he is left footed. How many times did you see him put in a great cross when he played or skipped past a defender??? No - we still need to do something in that position. I am beginning to agree with som ethough that os Santos has got to be worth a few games. That is his position and he is a tricky bu66er so give him a go!

    • EY - hadn't seen your post b4 I responded to sfer - didn't mean to repeat. Obviously - I agree with you completely!

    • Didn't 'Arry take Distin to Pompey from City? If so can't see why he doesn't rate him - unless Distin didn't want to come to Spurs of course.

      The problem with having too many defenders is they get frustrated at lack of 1st team games. OK, it's unfortunate we now have 4 CBs out injured, albeit Bassong should hopefully be back soon. Woody's relatively injury-free season last year was clearly a fluke and it was rough luck on Dawson to be inured for so long last season and this.

      If Bale is almost ready to make a comeback (and I've posted this before) there's no reason he can't play LM, though we presumably have the option to recall O'Hara since he's on loan? Kranjcar maybe needs to be a bit sharper (didn't somebody say he was lacking match fitness) so is another option at LM.

      There's method to 'Arry's madness I reckon - let's hope it becomes obvious sooner rather than later.

    • its easy to say o hara would make a diff when hes not here.
      but when he was here,he hardly set the world alight.
      we have bale coming back who i belive is a good left sided midfielder. he struggled when we played him at left bk.
      dos santo can play left midfield to.
      maybe he went bassong because hes got 10yrs in him, distin got 3 or 4 at most.
      and dont forget when we have all our CBs fit there wil be 2 regularly on the bench.its hard enough keeping them happy let alone a 3rd. you cant be prepared for losing 4 CBs.
      if man utd lost vidic,rio,evans & o shea, im sure they would struggle in defence.

    • I think the fact that Levy has not offered Ledley a new contract says it all. The problem is the squad actually has more than enough CB's its just that we have been unlucky with most of them being injured - a problem that will affect some other clubs in various positions during the season. You can't keep buying everytime to cover a position that in theory is already covered.

      As far as Ledley is concerned, we cant let our hearts rule our minds. Take all the admiration we all feel for him out of the picture and common sense says we have to let him go.

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      • Sfer,
        He should have been moved into the backroom as soon as it was apparent that he couldn't train.
        The problem is that for two season's, the 'he can play, can't play' issue has stopped us actively looking for and getting another CB (rather than rushing in for Bassong as a stop gap).

        I personally think Ledley is brilliant - but that doesn't help the team. You need consistency - and changing your back line every other game (IMHO) ain't toooo bright. Get him training our defence - we have 23 million coaches handling the forwards - surely we can add Ledley to the backroom staff?

        PS I like the fact the now 'arry has come out and said something along the lines of '....what do you expect? If you don't train, you're bound to do a hamstring, a calf or a groin...' - is it me? Didn't that make Ledley an accident just waiting to happen?

        PPS if they ever sort out his 'problem' then fine - bring him back - once he's proved he can turn out match after match.