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  • Wayne Wayne Sep 23, 2009 07:50 Flag

    is corluka immune to criticism on this board?

    have to agree with you, i use the vital spurs board and am gettin slated for saying exactly what you have said.He is not good enough this season. They seem to think he is world class because he reads a game well......like to know wot game he was reading against Chavski??? COYS

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    • I suspect 'Arry will start with his best available 11 tonight. Looking at the injuries and the quality of Preston it might be our only chance of Europe next season. Most of you know I'm not usually pessimistic but 'Arry needs to be weighing up the options at the moment.

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      • "t might be our only chance of Europe next season"?! This is exactly the ridiculous sort of comment I was talking about! We've had a great start to the season, and yes we've taken a couple of knocks of late, but that's because we've been really unfortunate with the timing of injuries and because we've played the top two teams in England - two of the top five (arguably 2 or 3) in Europe!

        The last couple of season haven't been great in league terms, but we should have the stability and depth of squad to better that this year - as all the 'Arry stats have pointed out, since he took over our results last season would've given us a top 6 finish, and we've strengthened since then; do you not think that's good enough for 'a chance of Europe'??

        Failing that, there's the depth of the squad; we've got some cracking players who can come out against Preston, many of the same players that drew in the UEFA leg round season when the so-called first team got beaten - it was the first team that got us dumped out of Europe, the 'back up' players did their job admirably.

        Now, let's say we don't manage through the league or CC... do you not think we should be able to at least have a good run in the FA? Admittedly we've not done all that well in it over the last ew years, but it's hardly been our priority, last year we played a semi-strength team and narrowly got beaten by Utd, and two years ago it was a Pompey-Cardiff final; if we get a lucky draw through the draws there's no reason we couldn't/shouldn't be there too.

        We've lost 2 games this season. We've won 5 (all comps). We've scored 17 goals in 7 games - that's an unbelievable record! So where on earth has this "only chance of Europe" nonsense come from?? It's only September for heaven's sake!

        (I'm aware this is quite a rant, and no offence is intended, I just think all this doom and gloom is crazy)