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  • Layla Layla Sep 21, 2009 20:13 Flag

    is corluka immune to criticism on this board?

    for a while now iv been saying corluka isnt good enough for us. he gets caught out a lot, is slow & pretty easy to get round.
    at RB he offers nothing going foward & at CB he gets caught out.
    when ever i bring this point up, all of u guys jump to his defence.
    then against chelsea he was awful, he had a hand in all 3 chelsea goals.
    he completly lost ashley cole for the 1st, the 2nd he stopped thinkin the ball was going out of play & then the 3rd drogba made him look so weak & slow!
    i again go back to saying we are short at full bks & centre mid. hudd,hutton,corluka & jenas not good enough.
    we are going to have to play corluka at CB with all the injuries. so i dread our defensive side of things for the next few wks.
    just hope our attack makes up for our weak defence.
    maybe we will have to play corluka & hudd at CB against preston.

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    • Sursbabe, i thought Corluka was really good last season.....however i have to agree he is not the same player this term, resposible for at least two of saturdays and a hand in another, looks slow and vulnerable especially when lennon goes on the left and does not track back to help him,what to do? is hutton better?

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      • Agree with you there Weyspurs. Corluka looks like he's plodding along this season. Hutton has more pace but has made mistakes, though I think he combines well with Lennon down the right at times.

        Maybe Corluka is finding it difficult playing CB without a regular partner, and we know CB isn't his favoured position. Can't wait for Dawson to be fit again to slot back into the back 4.

    • have to agree with you, i use the vital spurs board and am gettin slated for saying exactly what you have said.He is not good enough this season. They seem to think he is world class because he reads a game well......like to know wot game he was reading against Chavski??? COYS

    • Last season corluka was promising but this season somethings different. He isnt a good centre back but he is still a good right back. Im not sure but i think with all the injuries around him hes finding it hard to get in a rhythm. I hope that once modric and woodgate come back hes going to be better.

    • Corulka comes on in place of daws in the CC and we lose a goal.....Coincidence or has his form dipped to a low..

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      • I'm holding out hope for Corluka (we might as well, Harry looks like he's going to keep picking him). I seem to recall a game last season us v Villa, away...Ashley Young running circles around fill-in RB Zokora...it looked desparate...HR got the old 'ook out and pulled Dids for Corluka...Young was not heard from for the rest of the match. And we know Young is faster than Corluka, and we also know that Zokora is no slouch...so what gave that day? One player doing his best in a position he wasn't suited to, and another playing his game in the position he is suited too.

        My problem is...why can't he do it week in, week out; for that matter why is it that a few of our players have a break out game one week and rest on their laurels the next 3 or 4 weeks. Somone's got to give them a talking to about what it takes to achieve greatness, because the pattern I'm seeing isn't going to get anyone in our shirt, into the history books, into fooball folklore...just the occasional mention on their "good week".

        No one is immune to criticism on this board, nor should they be is the answer I come up with to the initial question, and Corluka, and Huddlestone, and Hutton, and even King could have been criticised at some point this season.

        With the news that Dawson is coming back, I'm only half happy...would have been good if King were still healthy as they are a killer pair in the center of the defense, but I guess Daws will be playing with either Hutton, or Corluka in the middle (make Corluka if you have to Mr. R).

    • I agree with your sentiments on Corluka and our lack of full backs and centre backs. Corluka is not a centre back and his lack of pace at right back gets spotlighted.
      Hutton also impressed me very little, yesterday when he came on. I used to think his attacking play made up for his average defending but his crossing was useless.
      The midfield trio couldn't cope with Chelski's quartet. Runners weren't being picked up.
      Brave move from Harry, 4-3-3, and it might have worked if we had taken the half chances created in the first 30 minutes or Webb had awarded the penalty.
      If's and Maybe's again.
      We just can't keep a clean sheet. Wrong personnel or lack of?? I'm not sure.

    • i hope lennon gets a well earned rest too. keep him on bench incase hes needed. same with defoe & palacious.