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  • MEL MEL Sep 30, 2009 09:30 Flag

    Luka Modric

    Great news we might be getting Luka back after the international break without missing to many games, for once the internationals have done us a favour.
    If we can get Jonathan Woodgate back as well this would be really great news as it would sort the problem at the back if Ledleys out, also encouraging is the fact that Michael Dawson is back playing, hopefully if we can concentrate from now on we could start going places.
    We have on paper some games coming up now that we should win i think this is a great part of the season beararing in mind we have played three of the so called top four.
    I feel confident that we can really move on from now.

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    • I must apologise to you all for putting Mr Modric in my FF team the week before his terrible injury........i will not reinstate him when he is fit........promise and i mean that NBR....seriously.

      all the best


    • Methinks that Modric will come back after the break - but be on the bench - and will stay there unless we are down and the mid field looks broken.

    • i think the next 3 games could be very physical and i dont think its a good idea to rush modric. we know players like davies of bolton , brown of pompey can make bad challenges so why rush a dodgy leg. especially when krancjar and jj are back and playing well. ok im no jj fan but lukas long term fitness is more important then what players i like.

      so any way lets use the squad we have paid a lot of cash for , give luka a break(not his leg again though) and do what the top 4 teams do and rotate and use all 25 members of the squad to win games.

    • suprised people are taking the next few oppenants so lightly.
      bolton away is tough, they on a good run & have a great record at home to us. i wouldnt be disapointed with a draw.
      portsmouth id expect to win but there not playin as bad as results suggest, they were very unlucky to lose to a good everton side.
      stoke will be physical battle but i expect a win at home.
      il take a draw & 2 wins. so thats a good 7pts out of 9.

    • I'm a little bit concerned by the speed at which Modric seems to be returning; while obviously you can get differing severities of leg breaks, this seems a little bit too hasty for my liking - is he definitely ready after 6 weeks?

      Some reports said it was just a fracture, in which case I guess it'd be ok, but many said broken which I'd assume to take longer. Anyway, if he is ready to return that'll obviously be a good thing, it'll be interesting to see what happens now JJ's fit and we've got Krancar.