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  • MEL MEL Sep 30, 2009 12:55 Flag

    Luka Modric

    Essex your quite right to be reluctant to not underestimate teams who are coming up, some of our performances last season were woeful games you have mentioned Stoke, Bolton and WBA and if you check back over previous seasons the same applies, i just feel that we seem to be better equipped with the squad we have now and would also agree not to rush Luca back, he is indeed a very important part of our set up.
    But its time to move forward we have been waiting in the wings far to long and im sure when the long term casulties come back like they are now i am convinced within 2 years we will be a top four team on a regular basis.

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    • I'd forgotten about Stoke this time last year, that was the defining moment of the start of the season for me; I've got a crystal clear memory of being in the pub with my brother and it got to the point where we were so bad he was cheering for Stoke to get a third... that was a dark hour.

      Bolton, agree, never underestimate, although they have seemed to be on the way down over the last few years. Stoke, I shudder to think, but Pulis is a very clever man and knows what needs to be done to establish your team in the PL. Portsmouth... well, they hate us. We've abused their players, stolen their manager and, just to rub salt into the wound, taken half their team - the only half of their team worth taking. In their shoes I'd hate us (which is a shame, cos I quite like them). What better way (of starting) to get revenge than beat us to get their first 3 points of the season, with Boateng, O'Hara & Kaboul all scoring?

      BUT I do think we should get 9 points from it, definitely at least 7... have I just given it the kiss of death?