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  • Mc G Mc G Oct 4, 2009 12:36 Flag

    Is Harry about to walk?

    I am a serious spurs fan and do not want to fuel rumours.

    However, this should be no surprise to any fans that there are rumours of all sorts. Harry came to us with a reputation and with baggage. We all knew he swapped clubs easily and he had allegations of fraud etc against him.

    I think he has done a good job for us. I hope it all goes away and he stays here for another season at least. But even he has said he is looking at now not the long term. I think Levy has lined up ideal candidates and I have a gut feeling that there is more to come on this subject.

    He joined us to stop the rot and prevent relgation. He has done this. Im worried because I want us to have a top class manager for a long spell. I never saw Harry staying too long.


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    • Very much agree Goblin. We know what he's like. It feels like a Venables situation is on the horizon. It wouldn't suprise me if Harry has been doing some 'deals' and of course I don't really care as our league position is quite comfortable right now. I too can see mileage in this story.
      It's always the same old London press who support the goons, they love to peg us back when it looks like the tables are turning

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      • ...not only is it Whingers 13th...but oh look! Look who we play this month for the first time this season (they're getting started early).

        Not saying that all this talk is pure rumour, as has been said Harry's no saint and we all knew it from the off. His results have been better than expected, but many said in the beginning (after a few wins and a more reasonable table position), that HR was not hte manager to take us to the next level. Because the good news has outnumbered the bad...we're all in Harry's corner and hoping this is just a big chunk of fluff (I know I am).

        We'll see in the comin days and weeks, but there's got to be a reason why Harry oout of the blue became the manager favoured to lose his job first (When you have the Phil Brown's Paul Hart's and Gianfranco Zola's of the league not being mentioned)