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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Oct 3, 2009 17:54 Flag

    2-2 @ The Reebok

    Better than a loss, but what the hell happens to us up there, we looked lethargic...at the same time we looked as though we could've scored at will...we just chose to score after they did.

    Defense looked weak especially down th middle...which we all know is where Bolton like to attack...over the top down the middle (they quickly surmised that THudd was the weak link, although his CB partner was no shining star either). I have to believe that Dawson is still not ready to play, becaue these lumbering clunkers seem taylor-made for him.

    Here's my "RAMBR0's off his head pick for the next game and games beyond...PUT GOMES BACK IN GOAL! Yes he's impetuos and a bit of a nut, and yes he does feign injuries to cover errors...but, that wimp Cudicini is going to lose us more games than Gomes ever did with his indecisiveness. You can hear the fullbacks calling for him to come out to the through balls they're sheparding to him...then they look up and HEY PRESTO! no freakin' goalkeeper...he's still on his line with his mitts up in front of his face. He did come and push away a few crosses, but my boy would've grabbed them...and that header near the end that he pushed around the post...wtf!! The header looked like a friggin' back pass and he made a meal out of it. Nope, sorry...he's a reserve goalie and that's the position he shoud re-take. Oh...and Huddlestone didn't help...not one bit!

    Good goals by us...i suppose you could blame BAE for letting Davies in on their second goal, but that manhandler finds his way in some how, all the time against us...I've seen him throw Ledders down like he was a rag doll, so BAE would've had no chance.

    I liked the ideas Defoe came on with...really sharpened up our look, made some delightful touches (also exposed Crouch for the lanky awkward player he is..but I'm not grouching about him...that knock down for Kranjcar was sublime (well, decent anyway).

    Oh...and don't look know, but Bent's scored against the Mancs Alan H might have t up his season tally prediction..."he can't stop scoring" (but not good enough for us according to some).
    Sunderland to lose int eh end eventhough United look well flat at the mo...

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    • You lot were alright.

      Bloody Crouch could of done better. For some strange reason i plonked him in my FF team.

      Arsenal were average.

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      • i agree about playing gomes instead of cudicini. cudicini is a great bk up keeper but not a number 1.
        i think we had to give dawson a rest as hes only just coming bk & bolton is the last place to ease your way in.
        i thought crouch looked decent, maybe should have scored that chance at the end but all fowards miss them, look at defoes miss against burnley.
        hudd was decent CB against burnley, but when hes tested more he is exposed. conclusion, hudd not good enough for us.
        jenas again inconsistant, shrinkin violet.
        corluka again caught out twice for 2nd goal.
        ekotto has improved a lot but still becomes too casual when defending & gets caught out of position.

        overall im happy with a point away to bolton & the fact we came from behind twice. yes we could have won but we could have also quite easily lost it.

        i agree about bent,i was always defending him but got slated for it on this board.

        i think this match again highlighted we are short of a really good centre bk & full bks.

    • So you've got one or two thoughts on the game then Rambr0? ;)

      Didn't see it, but it sounded like Bolton had a pretty good hold of us, & Crouch sounded unlucky... I've been wondering about Gomes too, he was doing ok until the injury, I can't work out why he's not been brought back, he'll only get to 'match standard' by playing some matches.

      As for Dawson, I wonder if he's been rushed back a bit and they're trying to keep him out until after the international break to make absolutely sure he's ok - if he has a relapse now we're buggered. Also, if he's coming back from injury a team like Bolton will probably be a bit too physical for him, better not to bash him about if he's not definitely ready for it.

      Can't be unhappy with a draw, but I'm not madly happy with it either, it's a funny sort of void! Onwards and upwards though, I've got a feeling we could be in a pretty rosy position once the international break's over and people start coming back from injury etc (hopefully no-one'll get hurt while they're away...)

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      • I was surprised that neither Gomes nor Dawson were playing today. Both had great games up at Preston in the CC and despite the 5-1 scoreline Preston weren't holding back. However, to be fair Cudicini kept a clean sheet during the Burnley game last weekend so I'm not surprised 'Arry thought he'd stick with him.

        Both Gomes and Dawson were on the bench today (as was Bale who also played all of the Preston game) so maybe 'Arry is playing softly softly to really get them all back to full fitness. With Modric and potentially Woody looking to make a comeback after the international break we could be up to pretty much full strength. Nice position to be in :-)

      • rambro u hit the nail on the head with ur comments about cudicini. do u remember the hull game last season?? the one where woody got the winner, he was roughed up and made to look foolish with every high ball they put in. and since then ive never seen him come and claim the ball with the authority a keeper should have. gomes might knock his man out but he gets the ball. if hes fit i think gomes should play.

        really thought all our strikers could of done better , but im not to worried cos they have been on fire , so put it to a bad game.

        well a point puts us in 3rd for now so im made up, its taken us 7 games to get the points it tokk us nearly 20 last season , so im happy at the mo.