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  • Yes,it's started again from the Police and the revenue.Harry's stated he has paid 10 mill in taxes and they still won't leave him alone,they must think they have a case to persue,expext more names to come out once again the same old suspects.

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    • They were talking about it on Sunday Supplement (Sky) yesterday. The problem appears to be various versions of the story - 'arry says the money is related to a contractual fee that changed over two contracts - 5% compared to 10% of Crouch's fee (that should be easy to prove), whilst Mandaric says it was nothing to do with Crouch and was some other 'personal' thing.
      It seems odd that the police 'dropped' the case and passed the detail to HMRC - so presumably no law has been broken per se - just a case of unpaid tax - maybe 'arry will be the next 'Al Cappone..all we need is Sean Connery (or Robert Stack) to pop up at WHL and that will be it...