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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 8, 2009 00:12 Flag

    Good Game Good Game

    This is a serious reply - not just aimed at you.

    Surely any team that a manager puts out he 'expects' to win? I would hope that MJ never put out a team that he thought would lose,nor HR. They might have put out a team not caring toooo much if they won or lost, but not to intentionally lose.

    So given that the 'manager' puts out a team - if 'anyone' beats that team, isn't it a legitimate victory? It would seem a bit churlish saying '...but that was only our U18 team...' or whatever.

    I hope that I would never use such an excuse if HR put out a team that was beaten by some Div 4 team. If he put the team out, it should try to win.

    Following from that - it can't also be argued that 'age' is the issue - as ability on the pitch ain't nowt to do with how old you are - although I would agree that experience does help in certain circumstances.

    So, all in all - we did win that one.

    • John, what would you like to say about this weakened side fielded by Spud at WHL against Shakhtar Donetsk in last season's UEFA Cup despite been 2-0 down in the 1st leg?

      Spurs (4-4-2): Gomes; Gunter, Huddlestone, Chimbonda, Gilberto (Bostock, 77); Giovani, Palacios, O'Hara (Parrett, 71), Bale; Obika, Campbell
      Subs not used: Jansson, C Butcher, Smith, Mason, Townsend

      If my memory still serves me well, Spud had a bigger fish to fry back then - RELEGATION DOGFIGHT.

      NOW, compare the above team selection against the team played 3 days later after the Shakhtar match against Man U in the Carling Cup

      Spurs (4-4-2): Gomes; Corluka, Dawson, King, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon (Bentley, 102), Zokora, Jenas (Bale, 99), Modric; Pavlyuchenko (O'Hara, 65), Bent
      Subs not used: Alnwick, Gunter, Huddlestone, Taarabt

      OR 6 days later after the Shakhtar match against Boro (a more or less EPL relegation match)

      Spurs (4-4-2): Gomes; Zokora, Dawson, Woodgate, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon, Palacios, Jenas (Huddlestone, 64), Modric (O'Hara, 73); Pavlyuchenko (Bent, 53), Keane
      Subs not used: Cudicini, Chimbonda, Corluka, Bentley

      Fact of the matter was, Arsenal fielded a 2nd string team against your 1st team because we set our target much higher than the Carling Cup.

    • You won alright.

      And well done too.

      I would rather not go too far down that road John myself, i have my biased thoughts on that game but i'll refrain from any more comment to myself in the interest of sweet harmony.

      I was merely pointing to a GREAT game originally, solely because Yahoo had chosen to include it in their top 100.

      I wasn't having a dig.

      Not long before our respective teams meet again chaps!

      Get this poxy international out the way asap as far as i'm concerned.