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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 8, 2009 15:32 Flag

    Good Game Good Game

    I would say that the team should be able to win. They are all quality players that were bought to do a job. If they can't (and they couldn't on the night) then that highlighted a fraility in our squad (and our managers selection). Pick any one of those names and tell me what they're doing now. Only two opr three stand out as not EPL.

    It does not detract from what Shaktar did. They got through over two legs and we didn't. That doesn't mean they were the better team, played the best footbal or any other issue - it just means they got the result. (I only say that as people often confuse getting a result with being the better team, playing the best football etc ). They won, we lost - no excuses about the result. Criticism of our manager from my point of view over who he picked - yes. But then I criticised when he picked Jenas last season over the Hudd, Gomes over Cudicini (or even Alnwick), King over Daws, O'hara over Two Saints and when he picked Ekotto over Bale and ....

    BUT 'array admitted we just didn't have the depth of squad to compete in 3/4 competitions. Personally, I think for £100m we should have and it just showed poor control over purchases in the past. And that's not an excuse, just a cricism of our purchasing policy under the Holy C.