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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Oct 10, 2009 17:02 Flag

    Good Game Good Game


    My former post was more in reply to Benidorm. I agree it didnt touch on the point you had made but it hadnt escaped my attention. I just hadnt taken it up as i know this game is a touchy subject and some people seem to blow their tops if ever i express my opinion. I was trying to give it a wide berth on the whole in an attempt to keep the peace.

    Still seeing as i am being asked.

    I wholly accept everything about that game i believe. I accept Spurs beat us convincingly and FULLY deserved the win. I accept Wenger is ultimately at fault.

    However the point still stands that it was clearly not the Arsenal team at FULL strength and to constantly refer to that battle as a major victory surely disregards this point which is what Arsenal fans find amusing.

    If it were the womens team you beat would you be refering to it? Yes it would still be Arsenal. But would it REALLY be Arsenal? Would it be as valid as beating the first team?

    I think not John.

    Surely constantly feeling the need to refer to that particular game says as much about the relative position of Spurs in recent years?

    The games last season are a far better reference and certainly put Spurs in a better light do you not think? Arsenal could not win on both occassions and Spurs matched us pound for pound.

    I dont doubt this opinion will be hard to swallow for a some Spurs fans which is why i tried to steer away from it, but i was asked on more than one occassion to answer so cut me some slack any of you readying yourselves to jump on my back.