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    • John

      You just made my day.

    • Fab,
      Sorry, mea culpa, I thought you kept repeating '....but it was our 2nd team....'.

    • John

      With all respect, i dont believe i have missed the point at all.

      And i certainly dont recall moaning either.

    • Fab,
      You're still completely missing the point.

      It really doesn't matter who played. The team was playing as Arsenal. That is it.

      You (not you per se but anyone) can argue forever over what makes a first, second or third team - whether that's two main players missing, one player, five players - all eleven players. You can argue what makes a reserve team.(is a reserve really a first team if over 50% played regular 1st class football - who knows, but it doesn't make any odds). but that's all academic - as whatever team the manager puts out is representing the club - and I would assume is being put out because the manager thinks they will win.

      If not, don't moan to the team you lost to - moan to your own management ;-).

    • John

      My former post was more in reply to Benidorm. I agree it didnt touch on the point you had made but it hadnt escaped my attention. I just hadnt taken it up as i know this game is a touchy subject and some people seem to blow their tops if ever i express my opinion. I was trying to give it a wide berth on the whole in an attempt to keep the peace.

      Still seeing as i am being asked.

      I wholly accept everything about that game i believe. I accept Spurs beat us convincingly and FULLY deserved the win. I accept Wenger is ultimately at fault.

      However the point still stands that it was clearly not the Arsenal team at FULL strength and to constantly refer to that battle as a major victory surely disregards this point which is what Arsenal fans find amusing.

      If it were the womens team you beat would you be refering to it? Yes it would still be Arsenal. But would it REALLY be Arsenal? Would it be as valid as beating the first team?

      I think not John.

      Surely constantly feeling the need to refer to that particular game says as much about the relative position of Spurs in recent years?

      The games last season are a far better reference and certainly put Spurs in a better light do you not think? Arsenal could not win on both occassions and Spurs matched us pound for pound.

      I dont doubt this opinion will be hard to swallow for a some Spurs fans which is why i tried to steer away from it, but i was asked on more than one occassion to answer so cut me some slack any of you readying yourselves to jump on my back.

    • Benidorm in reply...

      Did she get her kit off for all to see?

      Oh... and on the other matter.....I agree 100% that it was NOT the typical Arsenal "kids" Cup team Spurs beat and it is indeed unfair for Arsenal fans to refer to it as such.

      However i'll fully admit that from an Arsenal fans point of view it is highly amusing to do so.

      I will stand by the point that it was more a game of Spurs first team v Arsenal very much weakened ( until it was too bloody late anyhow).

    • Fab,
      This isn't having a go (and this is being said in all seriousness) - but you're completely missing the point.
      It dioesn't matter if the team was first string, second string, U18, U11, your women's team or a team that AW picked from the last crowd.

      The whole point being made is the team selection, along with who gets bought and sold by the club etc are part of the 'club's' decision. You may decide to play Van P next week end, you may not - you may decide to buy Dietmar Van Nisstleboy and play him, you may decide....that is part of the 'club's' decision. AND even more so, the fact that todays squad's are built exactly for this level of 'substitution' - as pointed out, even Fulham are doing it. The result just proved that your 'squad' wasn't as good as AW thought.

      What I was saying is that whatever decision is made, it is made - so if you want to heap praise on AW for the decisions that he has made in building your squad and how he selects the team - fine. But the same is true then for all decisions. If he wants to play a 2nd team in a particular competition - fine. But then simply take the consequences of those decisions - or have a go at AW for overestimating the strength of the squad.

    • hey fab i agree that this is not a row just a discussion on a amazing game , as u said the 5-4 game and the 4 all game were also examples of the fantastic entertainment our teams can put on,
      but the team we beat wasnt a complete second string nor was it ur first team, so all i say is that we beat a very capable and skilled young arsenal team , i wish it had been a full team but it did have some 2nd teamers in. the reason why i wish this is cos spurs played brilliantly and i dont want people taking it away from them,
      we all know arsen plays the "kids"in the carling cup but the team we beat was more then the "kids".

      so no probs no row and no falling out just maybe admit it wasnt a complete 2nd team . anyway friends is on and jennifer aniston says shes commando in it so im off. lol

    • I have no wish to pick an argument with those of the yiddish faith and i hope i have made that clear from the start.

      Nevertheless if you wish to discuss the side you lot whipped by 5 goals to 1 thats cool.

      1. I take nothing from you, you beat Arsenal 5-1 and played an excellent game fully deserving your victory ABSOLUTELY no doubt about it, i applaude you.

      2. Sorry, and here's the rub, the team that took the field for Arsenal WAS second string. Yes there were players in the team who regularly played in the first but also many fringe players, most of which have stepped up to become first team regulars ONLY in more RECENT times.

      Wenger has always fielded weakened teams in this competition as is common knowledge.

      The fact of the matter is the team he put out that night would NEVER have been fielded to play a Premier league fixture that season.

      Well done for winning, i do believe i have stated on here before that i was actually cheering and applauding you lot when you beat Chelsea in the final that season.

      I hope the game on Oct 31st is a cracking one against you lot and the football an absolute joy to watch whoever wins the poxy game.

      But please chaps dont be thinking you beat the first team 5-1 because, quite simply, you did not.

      Maybe next time you will.

    • Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Justin Hoyte, Gallas, Traore (Eduardo 65), Hleb, Denilson (Fabregas 18), Silva, Diaby, Walcott (Adebayor 65), Bendtner.
      Subs Not Used: Mannone, Flamini.

      according to the link on the second post this is the arse team that played spurs in the wonderfull 5-1 game.
      fabianski-2nd choice ok give u that one
      sagna-1st choice player
      hoyte - benn in and out the team so he is as good as first team.
      silva - dont know who he is so 2nd choice
      gallas - captain of the first team at the time.
      traore- first team and captain at times if i remember
      denilson- in and out of first team
      hleb-first team
      diaby - in and out first team
      fabragas-captain 1st team
      eduardo-first team
      walcott- first team
      bendtner- first teamt
      adebaybor- knob head and first team.
      so that 2 or 3 defo 2nd choice abd a couple of fringe 1st teamers and the rest full first team. so can we now just say we beat arsenal and not the second team cos it wasnt.

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