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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Oct 18, 2009 07:21 Flag

    You jammy buugger, Darren

    Not content with being famous for scuffing, shinning or off his arse, shoulder or nearest defender nearly every goal he scores, he now has the audacity to use a beach ball to deflect one in to the net. Still credit where it's due, he had to get the right part of the beach ball to ensure it cleared the keeper.

    Luck sod.

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    • Really " Thursday afternoon every third week of the month" you should learn to be less argumentative and just accept my footballing knowledge as superior and quite frankly amazing.

      As i would be much more impressed.

    • only ronaldo scores 30 league goals a season.
      i dont no about valuations because there all over the place with citys bid lately.

      also we sold berbatov for over 30m & i thought he was more like 20m.

      i think bent is worth 15m & we should get close to that.
      great signing for sunderland.

      id just rather defoe & crouch. and keane offers more when u lack service & need some creativity. bents a better goalscorer then keane.

      also i tipped sunderland as my dark horses to brk into top 8.
      turners a great signing too.

      we always knew gomes was a great shot stopper & when he 1st joined us he was making world class saves & has continued that.
      its his kicking & decision making at crosses that let him down.
      iv never said get rid of gomes. u can look bk over my posts, i think we should persist with him.
      lots of keeps are strugglin with crosses & high balls lately ( cech, foster, gomes, mannone)

      id expect bent to get 20 a season & so far it looks like he might even exceed that.
      i dont know why everyones so suprised hes doing well.
      he was top scorer at charlton, he was top scorer at spurs & hes going to be top scorer at sunderland.
      im pleased for him but just suprised why people are so suprised about it all.

    • Spursbabe, serious question. How much would a premier league striker be worth if his work rate was crap, distribution shyte---but he was in his mid 20s and scored 30 a season.
      H---northern agent.

    • And another thing..

      Look at Gomes, he was a walking disaster when you lot first signed him and yesterday he pulled off a couple of fantastic saves!

      Nowt like a good run of games to help a player fulfill their potential.

    • Bendtner is definately well down the pecking order, no doubt about that, but he provides something different compared to our other strikers.

      Henry, a proven winger is not an out of this world striker.

      Bent is looking great so far and just about any team would welcome him in that form.

      If he scores 25? or 30? at Sunderland! Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea will snap him up i reckon.

      Hell, the MIGHTY Arsenal may even find him a place in their..........erm... MIGHTY Arsenal!

    • well bents scoring ratio was really good last season yet sunderland & hull were the only teams to come in for him.
      even if he gets 20 goals this season id bet u a lot of money that no top 4 team will come in for him.

      henry become world class at arsenal but he was already a proven talent. unless u think an international who over 20mil has been spent on is not proven.

      if u look bk to last seasons threads i was always defending bent saying he still gets goals & worth keeping.
      i wish we got rid of pav & kept bent but it wasnt to be.

      bendtner has improved but i dont think he will ever be close to world class. im not saying hes rubbish because he isnt but i dont think hes a player who will win u the title.
      hes still worth keeping because u need 4 strikers but he would be my 3rd choice behind rvp & eduardo.

    • Bent looks a class act and i have no idea why you lot sold him.

      I would rather him than any of those you play to be honest except perhaps Pavlechenko and again why does Harry not play this guy often enough for him to find his feet?

      Look at Van Persie or Bendtner or even Henry at Arsenal all had long periods when they didnt look top class strikers.

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      • because his all round play is poor. still worth having but if u have someone who scores as many as bent but has better all round play then id much rather them.
        crouch scores roughly the same & is better all round & holding it up. same with keane & defoe.
        also bent has a tendancy to miss sitters.
        hes still ag reat signing for a team like sunderland but if spurs want to be a top 4 team then we need someone better.
        i dont rate pav at all, im suprised u like him fabon.

        bendner still doesnt look like a top class striker if u ask me. i dont think any other top 4 team would want him if im honest.
        henry was already proven.

    • Brian Clough was the luckiest striker of his generation---he scored about 42 a season the jammy bugger,
      9 to go---H