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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 18, 2009 20:39 Flag

    You jammy buugger, Darren

    because his all round play is poor. still worth having but if u have someone who scores as many as bent but has better all round play then id much rather them.
    crouch scores roughly the same & is better all round & holding it up. same with keane & defoe.
    also bent has a tendancy to miss sitters.
    hes still ag reat signing for a team like sunderland but if spurs want to be a top 4 team then we need someone better.
    i dont rate pav at all, im suprised u like him fabon.

    bendner still doesnt look like a top class striker if u ask me. i dont think any other top 4 team would want him if im honest.
    henry was already proven.

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