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  • Huge disappointment.....This should have been an easy 3 points. Keane just looks crap...not enough consistency for a regular game. Midfield was poor...Huddlestone had another bad game. Spursbabe you are right Corulka is slow and gives away possession cheaply, i stand corrected about him. Last year he was solid.

    A top 4 team needs to be putting these games away. Pav showed some signs of great touches and perhaps he should have had the nod ahead of Keane.

    Overall team was just unlucky and you could sense as the minutes went on that Stoke would hit us with a sucker punch.

    Question is why lennon did not signal to the bench before Jenas was brought on that he could not play any longer. Strange.

    Wasted 3 points.


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    • Spursbabe i think you are missing the point when i said Liverpool done us a favour beating Utd i was merely pointing out it could of been worse in the race for 4th spot, with all the teams around us with exception of Chelsea losing and drawing it meant we are at least staying with the pack, come christmas and still with the pack we have a chance, and with you saying about our lack of depth with our injuries and suspensions some of these cannot be helped, for sure Defoe has not done us any favours getting sent off we could have gone top had he of played.
      I agree with Essex this is not a great result but i really do not think looking at the other results its not has bad. We have got to keep our heads up and battle on, its not going to be easy over the next two weeks with Woody, Modric possibly Lennon and Defoe out of action.

    • Maybe it's me but I thought we played past Keane. The target constantly seemed to be Crouch's head. That was my big concern - that Crouch suddenly becomes 'the' option. I think he's a good player - but even when Berbatov was here, the play was on the ground more (around the box).
      Anyway, I personnaly didn't think the performance was that bad - on any other day we would have won that by 2 or 3 quite easily - but you get those days when it just doesn't run.

      I thought Hud was good in the first half - and dropped off in the second.
      Daws won virtually everything in the air (I just don't understand why he hasn't just stepped back into the team).
      But if we didn't go through Lennon, we looked void of any other ideas in the final 3rd.

    • i meant liverpool beating man u. althou liverpool have beaten liverpool a few times this season.

    • fcut it.

      listened to the game on the radio and it sounded like we were in control then low and behold stoke go and nick a goal.(GUTTED)
      Can't stand losing to teams like stoke when i can't even name one of their players off the top of my head.
      These are definatly the games we need to win if we have any chance of a top 4 place.
      Lets just hope that West Ham can pull something out of the bag tommorow as we're be inundated with s$$t from our resident gooners.
      I noticed that you mentioned that Keane had another average game.Seems to be a regular sub spot and one that we might not have had to make had we started with Pav,thus being able to make a sub for the injured Lennon.
      Well i'm off to drown my sorrows and definatly won't be watching MOTD tonight.

      SPURS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • this defeat has been on the cards for wks & we have been poor lately but getting away with it.

        we had chances today but dont forget last wk dindane missed 2 open goals.

        glad people are starting to realise corlukas nowhere near good enough! we desperatly need a good right bk in january or else we can kiss goodbye to 4th spot.

        i know i sound harsh but the current 11 is not a top 4 team, you dont get 4th spot with a poor right bk & a poor centre mid.

        i was glad when we got keane bk but i must admit he doesnt look like the keane of old. i dont know whether hes lost pae or sharpness but he never really worries defenders anymore.
        yes he got 4 against burnley but they were shocking.

        we missed defoe as hes our only predator in the box.
        i still think we need another striker unless pavy & keane find form.

        im not looking foward to the arsenal match with our current form & defoe missing. the way we have been playing lately we are in for a big beating.

        i honestly think are aim is 6th spot this season which would gurantee us uefa.

        when we have played utd & chelsea this season they truely exposed our weaknesses without having to play that well themselves. teams no we are weak down the right & in the middle & can expose this.
        we cant compete financially with man city.
        arsenal have fabregas, we have hudd or jenas, they have sagna-we have corluka.

        liverpool, im not sure what will happen with them.

        so i reckon its between us,villa,everton & maybe sunderland for 6th.

        very disapointed today.