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  • Alan H Alan H Oct 28, 2009 19:20 Flag

    Lennon will miss Spurs visit to The Emirates

    Reprimand taken on the chin, spursbabe---but Bentley could be interesting.

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    • I dont think the goons will relish a fired up Bentley turning out for us again...look what happened last time round.
      It would be easy to start bemoaning our injuries ahead of this game but as already been said...we ought to have a squad big enough to take this in our stride. Ok the odds are beginning to stack up against us this week but as I said earlier....this result will not define our season which ever way it goes. You can bet your ar5e a lot of gooners will be breathing a bit easier now that our most potent attackers are all going to be missing....but cest la vie....lets see if any of our fringe players fancy being a hero for once.

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      • "Ok the odds are beginning to stack up against us this week"?


        EY, talk about getting your excuses in early and then you have the brass neck to have a go at the mighty Gooners as if we don't have our own injuries as well. Honestly, I can't wait for this game and all the bragging rights that go with it in North London whichever side wins, hopefully us. Make no mistake it's going to be keenly contested match.

      • Spot on.
        If we are ever to break the top four, then we have to have depth enough to see us over injuries - even if that includes the full first 11 going down with swine flu (now that makes me smile - not really much chance of that occurring surely?). The only thing that it will never cater for is losing the 'first' and 'second' player in any position - but we do seem fortunate that we have squad members who can then fill those gaps (Hudd, Corluka, Bale, O'Hara).

        I think the lack of depth will eventually be the downfall of Liverpool - the problem being that other clubs are building the same as us and are ready to step in.

        So, come on, prove that the 'squad' is up to it...and if not - and if Bentley was underperforming in training as well, then why hold onto him? Ditto for all the members of the squad.