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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 28, 2009 21:21 Flag

    Lennon will miss Spurs visit to The Emirates

    Who knows Alan.
    Seems a bit odd - when 'arry first arrived he said that Bentley was underperforming and that 'e 'ad 'ad words with 'im. So he then continues to underperform - and now 'arry comes out and says that 'es not tooooooooo bright in training either. Call me old fashioned (you're old fashioned) - but what's the point in holding onto a player like that if what 'arry is saying is true?
    I could have accepted that 'arry tgought that Lennon just edged it - but the comment today seemed very strange. Also not tooooo bright if any club was thinking about coming in for him in Jan.