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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Oct 29, 2009 00:02 Flag

    Lennon will miss Spurs visit to The Emirates

    Form goes out the window in these games, who thought Lpool would have beaten the Manks without Gerard THREE times in a row now i believe?

    I ALWAYS EXPECT to LOSE against Spurs and thats a fact wether you guys believe it or not.

    All i hope for is a BLOODY GREAT game and any banter to stay as that.

    On his day Bentley can be fantastic.

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    • I think the team have got used to being without Modric for the time being.
      As far as Bentley replacing the injured Lennon is concerned I agree with Roy. Bentley is more than capable, he hasn't got Lennon's guile and speed but he has got a cracking cross on him and a point to prove. He played very well against Everton.
      Even if we lose I think it'll be a tight game and we'll give them a run for their money.
      Shame that state of the art stadium the Emirates only gets a decent atmosphere a couple of times a year!!!!!

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      • I'm getting very nervous now... not cos of anything in particular, just because these matches do that to me.

        Don't forget we're also missing Woodgate and quite possibly King (you just never know with him) too... that's a lot of players.

        Still Dawson had a great game on Tuesday, and Bentley had a pretty good one - not great, but pretty good, although he was pretty anonomous after 60 mins (poor lamb was knackered, he's not used to having to run around for so long). Keane - again - was average (and that's being generous), and he can fuck off with his badge-kissing, I've not forgotten where he was this time last year, not once has he thanked or apologised to the fans, he'd be kissing a different badge if they'd not told him in no uncertain terms to do one... but that's off topic.

        I think I'm being realistic to say we've got injuries all through the core of our team, and it's away to the old enemy, so it'll be tough at best, but - hopefully - it'll separate the men from the boys. It shouldn't matter whether or not they're first choice, these are supposed to be the games they live for and if they can't pull it out of the bag for this I don't want 'em. Bentley's a big game player, we know that, I really hope he proves himself for this.