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    Lennon will miss Spurs visit to The Emirates

    Spurs chances of overhauling North London neighbour have suffered a serious setback after Aaron Lennon injured himself against Stoke in last Saturday's home defeat. "Aaron's not fit for Saturday so David [Bentley] has every chance," confirmed Spurs boss Harry Redknapp.

    This latest injury will see the yids' daredevil winger miss Saturday's crucial North London derby game.

    I have to admit Lennon will be sorely missed by you lot.

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    • Well, in a strange way, if Bentley is out there against you guys, his old club---wouldn't surprise me one bit if he has a blinder. A lot of Spurs fans won't agree, but the guy has talent by the bucket full, another one who for some reason hasn't performed at the Lane.

    • its such a shame we going to have so many key players missing especailly as they are all attacking players.
      should be a quiet day for the arsenal defence with no modric, lennon & defoe to deal with.

      at least people will stop going on about lennon not willing to play when hurt, hes proved he was injured as hes missing at least 2 games.

      if the inevitable happens & we lose then the 2 home games against sunderland & wigan will be massive.
      there will be a lot of pressure on us considering we have lost 2 league games in a row.

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      • Reprimand taken on the chin, spursbabe---but Bentley could be interesting.

      • If our squad isn't good enough to beat them, then that shows how far we've come (or not). Surely after shelling out umpteen tens of millions on players, the odd injury should be covered.
        Obviously, every team would want to field their stongest team for every game. But it don't work that way.

        I think we still have a team that can win - it just comes down to confidence. If we try to run and hide, then I personally think we'll get completely stuffed - but if we play like a top four team - ie expecting* to win every game, then I think we can pull it off - even with Daffy, Modric and Lennon out.

    • Who knows Alan.
      Seems a bit odd - when 'arry first arrived he said that Bentley was underperforming and that 'e 'ad 'ad words with 'im. So he then continues to underperform - and now 'arry comes out and says that 'es not tooooooooo bright in training either. Call me old fashioned (you're old fashioned) - but what's the point in holding onto a player like that if what 'arry is saying is true?
      I could have accepted that 'arry tgought that Lennon just edged it - but the comment today seemed very strange. Also not tooooo bright if any club was thinking about coming in for him in Jan.

    • ...maybe 'arry just is partly homophobic?....Bent, Bentley....I bet even 'Gerrard' with a Frenchy name like that wouldn't even get in the team - and as for Lampard, god only knows what 'arry could conjure up out of his name.....

    • Form goes out the window in these games, who thought Lpool would have beaten the Manks without Gerard THREE times in a row now i believe?

      I ALWAYS EXPECT to LOSE against Spurs and thats a fact wether you guys believe it or not.

      All i hope for is a BLOODY GREAT game and any banter to stay as that.

      On his day Bentley can be fantastic.

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      • I think the team have got used to being without Modric for the time being.
        As far as Bentley replacing the injured Lennon is concerned I agree with Roy. Bentley is more than capable, he hasn't got Lennon's guile and speed but he has got a cracking cross on him and a point to prove. He played very well against Everton.
        Even if we lose I think it'll be a tight game and we'll give them a run for their money.
        Shame that state of the art stadium the Emirates only gets a decent atmosphere a couple of times a year!!!!!