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    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    Arsenal put the Yids in their place....

    It could have been MORE if not for our wastefulness in front of goal.

    Count yourselves LUCKY.

    Spud will ALWAYS be in our shadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C'mon ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I watched the youtube link, but I've seen that goal a lot. Fully admit Drogba did him for pace, but for me Corluka didn't give up, got back well and put in a really good challange - he was desperately unlucky the ball happened to come back for Drogba and roll around the keeper. Lets face it, Corluka is very slow, but there aren't many defenders Drogba wouldn't do for pace. Wont argue the Cole goal though, he was fully at fault there. But for me, not the Ballack one. He wasn't totally blameless but for me it wasn't an individual error, more poor from our whole back 4. But I don't remember this one too well, so am ready to stand corrected.
      The Zokora point was just to highlight that Corluka kept a lid on one of the most promising, quickest wingers in the country.

      As for Johnson, I can't name the individual mistakes (except for the England howler) as I don't watch them enough - but I have a few Liverpool friends who tell me that, defensively, he isn;t cutting it and gets caught out a lot.

      So we're not going to agree on Corluka, no harm in that, bit of debate is good. Now I just have to wait for the Sunderland game where he puts in 3 own goals so I can never show my face here again.

      Agree with the other points though - I think if we can get Keane playing as a striker again we'll see the best of him. I know a lot want rid of him, and I can understand why, but he is doing a job asked of him I think. Hopefully if he can get back into the poisiton he's best at we'll see him fly, as he did when he got 4 a few games ago.

      BAE - I agree we should stick with him. Showing pleanty of promise. A few casual errors, as you rightly say, but if he can get his concentration sorted I think he'll do well.

    • I predicted to lose 3-1 so was close.

      Firstly I think we have once again been overhyped by all.
      We have improved in some respect as a squad. Howevers I do not feel we playing consistantly all round strong performances.

      Keeper Gomes ( not a problem, but would help if defence wernt so bad.)

      King should not start. its about time we gave dawson a run in the first team. He gives 100% all the time and will improve even more with a good run.

      Corluka. A joke. to slow for the prem. he runs like his trousers have fallen around his bloody ankles.

      Ekotto; much improved, most consitant. would be even better in a more solid back four.

      jenas: Get rid. Can someone please count how many times he gives the ball away with his slack passing.

      Hudds; great against the lower teams: not good enough against the big teams.

      Pav: he is mentally ruined. Has not adjusted to the change inculture and needed a long run inn the team ages ago. Too late to save him now i fear.

      keane: needs replacing now. we cannot rely on him any more.

      Crouch: good but ruins our style of play when starts games.

      harry redknapp: I am worried his line ups are suspect. why buy Krancjar and play palacios on left. An absolute joke. i was stunned at the midfield that started. Wenger puts faith in the youngsters harry is not going to get performances until he shows faith or some balls to play a left footer on the left.

      Arsenal still play some of the best football. Not because of the individuals but the team spirit and the faith Wenger has in his players ability.

      UMMMM breath. Im ok seriously

    • old fan if u read my posts u will see i didnt start laying in to corluka until lee started defending him.
      so i wanted to give lee my opinion on him.
      we just have a difference of opinions on corluka.

      in my original posts & infact before the arsenal match,i was saying we arent good enough & that we have many weaknesses that arsenal will expose.

      drogba out paced & out muscled him, i dont think corluka was unlucky at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCuwlv0HvC4
      in fact if im brutally honest he lost ashley cole for the opener & was no where for ballacks. so thats 3 in 1 match+pompey thats 4 off the top of my head.

      i dont see how u can say he has made less mistakes then glen johnson. name me 5 liverpool mistakes he has made?

      your example against young isnt great considering zokora was a cxentre mid playing out of position as RB, he would struggle as RB against most wingers.

      i noticed u mented ekotto too, he still makes a lot of casual errors & doesnt close down the attacker quick enough but he has improved a lot & is still young so id still give him time.

      glad u agree jenas isnt up to it. keep hudd as squad player & buy new CM in jan.

      pav got 2 go. so new striker in jan too.

      if gio fit id give him ago on either right or left as bentley not good enough & keane isnt a left winger.

    • I still don't agree, but we are entitled to our opinions.
      Quakes in his boots when anyone with pace attacks him? Again, I can't agree with that. When we played Villa Harry had Zokora filling in due to his pace, but Young skinned him alive. Corluka came on and shut him up for the whole game. There's more to a full back than pace. And I wasn't simplifying it by any means - you say he isn't good enough against the top teams, that was my argument to say he was. Arsenal are a top team, and he did his bit to keep them quiet. And he made quite a few great tackels. As he did against Liverpool.

      Glen Johnson is prime example for me. For all his pace and ability on the ball he is pretty poor defensivley and has made more costly errors than a player like Corluka. And supposedly Johnson is one of the best. I still think there is room in the game for old fashioned full backs, rather than having the equivilent of two wingers. Obviously you don't and thats fair enough, I don't share that view point. I think he does his bit to support Lennon and I don't think his crossings as bad as you say either.
      And please don't tell me I have to use my brain more and think of less obvious things than him playing well yesterday. Thats a bit snarky, esp when I have yet to see you highlight your argument with a vast array of facts. I've seen him play all season and, while I will admit sometimes he has been at fault, most of the time he is solid. I was using yesterday as an example, the same way you did with the Portsmouth game.

      As for keeping Gunter - I think we got rid of him because we got in Naughton as the player to come through the ranks, who I am keen to see progress. Corluka's level of game is alround better than Gunter, and he has more experience. He went because he was surplus. Corluka clearly is not.

      Again, I don't think Drogba made him look awful. If you're refering to his goal, well, there was a lot of luck in that and to blame Corluka for it, in my opinion, isn't really fair.

      So we'll agree to disagree. If we have the chance of getting a truely great RB then I wouldn't be against dropping Corluka - I don't think he's perfect by any stretch, and I know there is better out there (as I've said, I'd like to see Naughton brought through as his replacment) - but for me we have much bigger problem areas to concentrate on.

    • SB - you really seem to have a hard on for Corluka - yes he's slow, and yes we could do better - and yes we get it that you don't like him after reading innumerable posts slagging the guy off. But there are another 10 men playing out there, and against Arsenal none of them really put in a good show, and we certainly did not play well as a team.
      Did you use to date Corluka and he treated you poorly - I mean what's the deal? Let's face it, Hutton hasn't exactly shone like a bright star - perhaps we should bring in the young kid from Sheffield. I guess anyone that has pace - even if they have no positioning sense.

    • sorry but corluka isnt good enough.
      yes he may have been ok yesterday but i think if u look at all of this season he has made countless errors.
      he quakes in his boots when any one with a bit of pace or skill runs at him. he gets caught out of position so often (look at pompey goal, he didnt even know prince was behind him).

      he never offers anything going foward, look at the best full bks in football. they have pace, dribbling ability & can cross a ball.
      he cant do any of the 3.

      its alright to simplify football like u have done & say he didnt make any mistakes yesterday.
      if thats your reasoning then we might as well kept gunter, he didnt make any noticable errors.
      but we sold him, why?- coz harry knew he didnt offer enough going foward & he didnt make any great tackles.
      he was a solid RB who cant attack.
      that would have been good 10yrs ago, but now u need a pacy full bk who can support your winger.

      u have to use your brain more & think of less obvious things like he didnt make an error yesterday.
      for example- lennon- he has it all to do on his own down the right & when u think how well he does imagine how much better he would do with a supporting RB who can overlap & make good runs to open up gaps for him.
      but instead lennon has to beat 2 men each time just to get a pass or cross in.

      im not saying corlukas rubbish but he is a mid table team player.
      this is clear by the fact when we play a top team he is easily exposed (rooney,drogba made him look awful)

      look at our right side yesterday- bentley & corluka- jesus- this must be the slowest wing attack ever!

      arsenal could have put senderson at RB & he would have been quicker then both of them.

    • The sluggish way your guys took the centre kick after the first goal was laughable though chaps and chapesses and when Fab did what he did it was game over Psychologically for you lot.

      Couldn't agree more, it was pretty pathetic to be honest. Really poor.

      And I agree with your point re: Krancjar - I don't understand why we shelled out for him if Harry doesn't fancy him in the big games. For me we can't afford to keep playing Keane there.

      At the minute there is really only you lot and Chelsea playing well in the traditional top four, even though Man U are still picking up the points. I'm hoping Liverpool keep on slipping and maybe, hopefully, we could pip Man City or Villa to fourth. A yid can dream.

    • I reckon Harry should have played Krancjar and Pavlechenko from the off myself.

      I agree with Harry in that you guys were playing well up until we scored and you could well of had a goal before us and no doubt it would have been a different game then if you had.

      The sluggish way your guys took the centre kick after the first goal was laughable though chaps and chapesses and when Fab did what he did it was game over Psychologically for you lot.

      Roll on the next NL Derby!

    • Yeah, still a long way to go yet.

      Just a thought - anyone else think that maybe its time for Dos Santos to be given a go? Maybe try him on the left? Him and Lennon as our wingers could cause a few problems.

    • Here, here John,

      I was one of the poor unfortunate Spurs fans to have been lucky ( or unlucky ) as the case may be to have blagged a ticket off one of my friends and right up until the 42 minute I thought we did give a good account of ourselves.

      The capitulation happened within a space of 90 seconds and it proved that we are just not good enough for the big occasion - I missed Fabregas's goal as I was queing up for a beer so at least I was spared the embarrassment.

      I thought their 3rd goal should never have been allowed to stand as most of the Spurs players stopped for the free-kick - but on saying that I could not see us getting anything out of the game with the negative display of our lacklustre team.

      Sadly this will be the last time that I attend a North London derby as I will not be so lucky to be able to get a ticket once I have moved to Ireland.

      Ah well!! There is always the Galway United v Sligo Rovers game to look forward to!

      Come on Galway!

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