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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Nov 1, 2009 04:09 Flag

    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    sadly we lost to the better team today!
    up untill the first goal we were doing ok,although they definatly had the edge,but it seems that as soon as we play crouch up front ,we seem to go for the long ball tactic which definatly doesn't work and have proved that we play better football when passing to feet and creating better chances.
    sadly no one shone for us today and the subs didn't seem to have the desire to prove their worth.
    it sometimes feels that we as fans have more desire and determination than the the players on the pitch,
    perhaps harry and the boys should have a quick look at this website and it might just give them the inspiration they desberatly need,because sometimes it feels like,well i've earned another £50.000 so what the fcuk!
    as for other results today,we got lucky and if we don't beat sunderland next week could well find our way down the slippery slop down the table to the joy of our slayers today!
    and one more thing,
    can we stop being so nice to the gooners.
    you know they are revelling in every inch of thi win.

    spurs for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeffal