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  • Lee Lee Nov 1, 2009 04:32 Flag

    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    I'm almost vomiting as I say this but fair play, better team won. I was optimistic after the first 42 minutes, dissapointed after conceeding, but bloody seething only seconds later. Thats where Arsenal killed us off, the second, and it was appauling by us. After the first goal we showed no fight. Fabergrass said it right, we rolled over belly up, and thats the most infuriating thing of all.

    Still, the most important thing now is that the team look forward, try and see today as just a game lost, doesn't matter to whom (not that we see it that way of course). We really need a good kick start as we have been very shaky for the last 6 games or so. The worst thing that can happen is if the players let their heads drop. And I think we need a big name in the January transfer market. And i mean a big name. Real quality. Left or centre mid. If Modric is going to be playing on the left when fit, then go for a centre - because for me Jenas doesn't cut it. The amount of times he was sloppy today just sums him up. Some people on here go on about Corluka or BAE, saying we need better full backs, but I'm sorry that is not where we are most lacking. They are good full backs and even did okay today despite the scoreline. I don't remember them being at fault for any of the goals - although the second was a group effort :(
    If Harry is playing Keane on the left then for me, we have an issue. He just bought cover for the left, but didn't play him today, instead putting a forward in that position. And this effected Keane's game. He's getting a lot of stick at the moment but to be fair he's doing a job asked of him, and it isn't showing him in the best light. I've also been a long time defencer of Pav, and whilst he hasn't had much of a chance recently, today from what I saw we should let him go. No fight. No fire. No point.

    So pleanty to grumble about, but our season isn't over yet. We need to lift our heads and finish the year strong.

    Again, fair paly to Arsenal. I'd have been bragging like hell had we won, so have to expect it back. You lot are looking really strong at the moment. And it makes me sick.... ;)

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    • this defeat was so obviously coming.
      we arent good enough for top 4 by a long way & we will do really well to get that 6th spot with this team.
      im suprised from our starting 11 people thought we even had a sniff of getting a draw.
      we could easily be in the bottom half in a few wks so im just hoping we regroup, make 3 or 4 changes in january & secure 6th spot.
      then build from there.

      out- corluka, jenas or hudd, pav
      in- muntari,parker, a good right bk who isnt as slow as a camel.

      this wasnt just 1 off bad performance like some of u wil say.
      we lack the quality & squad depth to even challenge for 4th.

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      • I really disagree with you regarding Corluka Sb, I know you don't rate him but I think he comes in for a lot of undeserved flak. he has made a few mistakes, but not many to be honest - and considering the shower of poo that was yesterdays game I think he (and Gomez) were one of the few bright spotys - I remember him making a few good challanges that, if he hadn't, would have cost us. He isn't the fastest, granted, but I think he is good enough for the team. In mym opinion we should be bringing Kyle naughton through in this position bu giving him a few more games. From what I've seen of him he looks good, and he has the pace.

        Hudd - I would like us to keep him, but not as a starter. As I said, if Modric is going to be on the left, we need to buy another centre mid, a world class palyer, then Hudd would drop to the bench. I think he can bring something different with his passing.

        Jenas and Pav - agreed. I really wanted Pav to work out as I think he has talent but after seeing him yesterday I think we need to sell him for as much as we can.

        What are people thoughts on Bently? After a shaky start, where he really should have been off, I didn't think he did too badly. Not amazing but then who was? I'd like to give him another shot to be honest, but as cover for Lennon.

        Personally, if we can recover from this, getr a bit of fortune with injuries, buy well in January then I think we could finish 5th. But when Harry buys, for me, he has to look at cntre or left mid before anywhere else. Then we can stop playing Keane in this roaming role, get him up front where he's most dangerous and start seeing the performances from him we are used too.

    • Agree with all you say Lee, and yes galling as it is to say it the best team won by a country mile. For some reason though I didn't think the game had its usual North London derby fire, especially compared to last season's cracking 4-4 draw.

      I'm not a fan of Andy Gray by any stretch of the imagination but he was spot on when he said that both King and Bassong were at fault for the first 2 goals - specifically that they should never have gone to ground when making their tackles. To have conceded 2 goals within a couple of minutes was just appalling (and much as it grates to admit it, I reckon Fabregas's effort should be a contender for goal of the month considering he ran with the ball from the halfway line). Up until then our defence was holding up well, though I have to say that I don't think that Ledley is up to the task anymore - he made some terrible mistakes and his passing was poor at times. That said, the passing in general was poor from more than a few of our players.

      Gomes had a blinding game and but for him the scoreline would have been more than 3-0. And we really should have tested Almunia more when we had the chance to see if he was back to full fitness as I thought he looked quite shaky at times.

      Time to draw a line and move on - Defoe has served his 3-match ban so will be back for next week's game, and hopefully Lennon will be fit again too. They may only be little guys but they add that pace we were clearly missing today. With Modric also missing it was patently obvious that without them we were never going to play the attacking football we started the season with. But 3 men don't make a whole team and collectively there's a lot to be done if we're to maintain a push for CL or even UEFA Cup qualification.

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      • Long Long way to go yet Yiddos so stiff upper lips and all that.

        We may have bent you over and spanked your lilly white botties today while you stood their looking bemused with your shorts around your ankles (hypothetically of course) but you live to fight another day and all in all you have to look on the bright side...

        Your Fab still loves you and the Arsenal fans have gone damned easy on you with regards to the Bragging on here.

        Much Love.