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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 1, 2009 15:42 Flag

    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    'arry don't see it like that - his comments:
    "The two quick goals we gave away turned the whole game upside down. I thought they were edgy, they were giving the ball away, the crowd was moaning at every mistake. I thought we were going to come in at half-time in great shape.

    "There is no gap between the clubs in my opinion. I think two mistakes turned the game upside down."

    Maybe I saw a different game - but if 'arry thinks that pumping long balls from the back to Crouch, from midfield to Crouch and from the edge of the opponents box to Crouch is the way forward, then I am seriously concerned for the rest of the season.

    We should have been down to 10 men as well.

    The silly bit about 'arrys comment is its contradictory nature. The whole point of the top clubs compared to the 'lesser' ones is that they don't make the mistakes at the same level. Their passes are more accurate, they work harder and they play with a method. We had none of that yesterday. That is what makes the gap.

    But it is only one game of a long season - so here's to the next game and getting back on track.