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  • Layla Layla Nov 1, 2009 21:07 Flag

    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    sorry but corluka isnt good enough.
    yes he may have been ok yesterday but i think if u look at all of this season he has made countless errors.
    he quakes in his boots when any one with a bit of pace or skill runs at him. he gets caught out of position so often (look at pompey goal, he didnt even know prince was behind him).

    he never offers anything going foward, look at the best full bks in football. they have pace, dribbling ability & can cross a ball.
    he cant do any of the 3.

    its alright to simplify football like u have done & say he didnt make any mistakes yesterday.
    if thats your reasoning then we might as well kept gunter, he didnt make any noticable errors.
    but we sold him, why?- coz harry knew he didnt offer enough going foward & he didnt make any great tackles.
    he was a solid RB who cant attack.
    that would have been good 10yrs ago, but now u need a pacy full bk who can support your winger.

    u have to use your brain more & think of less obvious things like he didnt make an error yesterday.
    for example- lennon- he has it all to do on his own down the right & when u think how well he does imagine how much better he would do with a supporting RB who can overlap & make good runs to open up gaps for him.
    but instead lennon has to beat 2 men each time just to get a pass or cross in.

    im not saying corlukas rubbish but he is a mid table team player.
    this is clear by the fact when we play a top team he is easily exposed (rooney,drogba made him look awful)

    look at our right side yesterday- bentley & corluka- jesus- this must be the slowest wing attack ever!

    arsenal could have put senderson at RB & he would have been quicker then both of them.