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  • Layla Layla Nov 2, 2009 04:33 Flag

    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    old fan if u read my posts u will see i didnt start laying in to corluka until lee started defending him.
    so i wanted to give lee my opinion on him.
    we just have a difference of opinions on corluka.

    in my original posts & infact before the arsenal match,i was saying we arent good enough & that we have many weaknesses that arsenal will expose.

    drogba out paced & out muscled him, i dont think corluka was unlucky at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCuwlv0HvC4
    in fact if im brutally honest he lost ashley cole for the opener & was no where for ballacks. so thats 3 in 1 match+pompey thats 4 off the top of my head.

    i dont see how u can say he has made less mistakes then glen johnson. name me 5 liverpool mistakes he has made?

    your example against young isnt great considering zokora was a cxentre mid playing out of position as RB, he would struggle as RB against most wingers.

    i noticed u mented ekotto too, he still makes a lot of casual errors & doesnt close down the attacker quick enough but he has improved a lot & is still young so id still give him time.

    glad u agree jenas isnt up to it. keep hudd as squad player & buy new CM in jan.

    pav got 2 go. so new striker in jan too.

    if gio fit id give him ago on either right or left as bentley not good enough & keane isnt a left winger.