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  • Wayne Wayne Nov 3, 2009 16:44 Flag

    Ledley King...

    Fab my arse king is still better then anything you've got with only one leg!!
    If you think your cb's are so great wot has happened against Manure and Citeh already this season??
    Lets hear your excusses when drogba roughs them up yet again.Or will it be the same excuses your paedo manager makes about this time next year we'll be champs again??

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    • Erm, I don't think Fab was slating King....

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      • Perhaps I'm a simpleton, but for me it doesn't need this much analysis; generally King is sound and dependent, let's keep playing him until he's not.

        Generally King is one of our top 2 centrebacks, let's keep playing him until he's not.

        Granted, he may not have been Sat (I couldn't watch it, although with hindsight I was almost glad - I shuddered when I saw the highlights), so perhaps he should have been subbed Sat, or perhaps he should sit out the next game. If he's consistently below par, drop him - that's what would happen if he was training. If he's not playing, he should be able to train, and you should be able to see when he gets back to being up to scratch.

        Right now, he's among our best players in the position. If he gets to the point when he's not (either through him getting worse, others getting better, or buying in better) then we stop playing him, that should be obvious regardless of training.

        The only question about it in my mind is not if he's bringing the team down, but if he's stopping us moving forward - by all accounts he's got a great mind, and can learn plays just by looking at them, but surely there's only so far you can go like that. If it does get to the point where that's a problem & he can't pick it up fast enough, he goes. I can't help but think a lot of the issues & discussions around him wouldn't be coming up if it wasn't for the training thing, and he's actually being over-analysed. For me, he's one of our best CBs, he stays in the starting line up.

        Wish Dawson would get a go there too though, I can't believe he's 4th in line...